Is there life after death?

When we experience the death of a loved one, we experience an uncertain future. Our lives are forever changed. Yet to think that we go on without them is incorrect.

Science now understands that all things are energy and that energy never ceases to exist…therefore…although we have a physical form, we also have an energetic form and it is our energetic form that survives death and continues to grow and evolve in spirit along side us in our physical and spiritual forms.

Many indigenous cultures, such as the Hopi and Aborigines, understood that energetic life existed after physical death. As a result, they recognized specific individuals within their communities who were naturally gifted with the ability to see or read the subtle energetic arenas and could connect with the consciuousness of their non-physical. Those individuals were taught to hone their intuitive skills and were given the roles of clairvoyant and medium for those within the tribe to seek out if they were experiencing turmoil, ill-health or grief.

As a medium, I believe in honoring death as much as birth. I see it as my duty to offer my mediumship services to my community so that you and your crossed over can continue to thrive even after devastating loss. In the 13 years I have provided this service, I’ve had the greatest joy watching my clients transform their grief instantly and it would be my pleasure to help you do so as well..




Michelle DesPres
"Michelle counseled me through the loss of my brother and mother with genuine compassion and understanding. As a medium, she re-connected me to my loved ones and helped me understand the purpose of their passing as well the role they still have in my life today…and in that moment, the unbearable grief I thought I would never get over was gone. I’m so thankful for Michelle and her gifts."




ADDITIONAL STUDIES AND RESOURCES: Many major institutes have extensively studied mediumship and its affects on healing grief. Please feel free to read these studies and determine your own beliefs. 

The Possible Effects on Bereavement of Assisted After-Death Communication during Readings with Psychic Mediums: A Continuing Bonds Perspective


A Counseling Approach to Mediumship:Adaptive outcomes of Grief following an Exceptional Experience