The Clairvoyant PathThe Clairvoyant Path

Follow Your Inner Wisdom to Healing, Empowerment and Change


In today’s uncertain world where fear, depression, addiction, greed and the need for overly medicating our worries away rule our days, The Clairvoyant Path posses a unique solution to our personal and social ills that instills proper use of power while providing abundance to all.

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A new era of enlightenment is upon us. The Clairvoyant Path offers a golden opportunity to join the global spiritual evolution and build a new life of peace, purpose, and higher consciousness.

Discover how to access inner wisdom, higher dimensions of the self, and the power to change reality—all by using your innate clairvoyance and intuition. Explore the wondrous connections between the body, spirit, and quantum science, the personal energy climate, and the nature of the soul.

Progressive psychic exercises and stories from the author’s life as a clairvoyant medium combine to help you cultivate higher senses, explore your soul’s history, and work with your personal energy. A life of greater awareness, self-authority, and higher purpose is available to you.


Hear What Are Others are Saying about the Clairvoyant Path….

“It is wonderful to see this kind of big picture thinking in a book on intuition.” Author Sara Wiseman

“This is an excellent book that I haven’t been able to put down since buying it…It’s incredibly helpful for anyone struggling with health issues, stress and major life changes. She explains exactly why things are happening to such an intense degree in today’s time.” – Review on Amazon

“Engaglying written in a very accessible style.” Review by Retailing Insight

“Ms.DesPres’ pointers on how to rid oneself of “invaders” has set my wife free. She is a new woman…Ms.DesPres is a rising star in the world of clairvoyance. “ Review on Amazon

• Cultivate your higher senses

• Understand cycles of time

• Discover your quantum body

• Acquire the power to change anything you desire

• Take charge of your life

We are entering a phase of world changes, one of the most important being changes in our personal energetic climates. Be prepared to survive and thrive during this period with The Clairvoyant Path.

Whether you’re relatively new or more advanced in spiritual and metaphysical practices and concepts, this revolutionary and innovative book will unite what you’ve learned through clairvoyant development and aid you in finding creative solutions to your life issues.

Peppered with amazing stories and insights from the author’s life, and featuring numerous exercises to help you approach life as a “spirit in a body,” you’ll learn to be clairvoyant, discover your true self, and achieve your higher purpose.

Read the Clairvoyant Path and Learn to…

  • Acknowledge your inner wisdom
  • Discover higher dimensions of the self
  • Activate your creative power
  • Examine your quantum spirit
  • Understand how to live authentically
  • Work with progressive intuitive exercises
  • Explore your soul’s history
  • Balance your personal energy
  • Harness the magic of the universe
  • Reinvent your life