Need a Solution? Ask Michelle.

Michelle DesPes is a certified clairvoyant medium from the Berkeley Institute. In her 13 year practice, she has helped countless women and men find the solutions that improve their health, deepen their relationships and increase their wealth so they can have greater personal and collective influence.

Michelle is a dynamic speaker, teacher and author. She offers private readings and hosts many group and private intuitive development classes. Michelle is the creator of the Master Clairvoyant Practitioner Program educating intuitives on how to ethically hone their skills and build thriving businesses in the growing integrative health-care field.

Why Seek Clairvoyant Insight?

Clairvoyant insight is not only less expensive than talk therapy it’s  more effective. Psychotherapy is on the decline. People realize talking about their problems doesn’t solve them and can even make them worse.

Clairvoyant Practitioners are skilled at seeing what you can’t see for yourself. They aid you in becoming aware of the real issues keeping you stuck and provide practical solutions for overcoming your physical, mental, emotional and spirits limitations.

Many are realizing today… Whether your issue is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual…clairvoyant insight holds the key to your healing.


NOTE ON MEDIUMSHIP: Mediumship is a part of every reading with Michelle. It is typical for crossed-over loved ones to want to connect. However, if you would like to focus only on connecting with those you’ve lost, or if you need grief counseling, please see Michelle’s page on Mediumship & Grief Counseling.