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2021 REVEALED – The Number 3 (The Force to Create Diamonds)

Updated: May 7, 2021

The number three is one of the most powerful of numbers. When combined with one and two, three adds the element of force which drives energy to condense into matter. In fact, diamonds form when carbon is subjected to immense pressure and heat. That same force is akin to what each of us, carbon-based lifeforms, endured in 2020 and is the essence of the number three already working in our lives.

But just like the diamond, while it’s been an uncomfortable time, fraught with a heaviness and uncertainty that’s causing us all to boil over, it really just means we will emerge with a brilliance that cannot be easily diminished. . . that is if you don’t get in your own way.

Watch this week’s video and learn how to take advantage of what has been a pressure-filled year and turn it into something precious.

BUT ALSO . . . listen carefully and respond as instructed if you’d like to be the recipient of a special gift from me to you this holiday season.

Watch Video #3 Now!

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