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COVID: Not the only reason school isn’t healthy for kids today

It’s time we see that COVID is not the only reason why school isn’t the best place for kids today. Thankfully, the pandemic it’s presenting a golden opportunity to change our failing educational systems.  


This is a an impassioned plea to all parents and teachers. Think twice before putting children into institutions that are ill-equipped to provide them with a future.

First, COVID is not gone and it’s more likely than not they are all going to get sick, which will be fine for them but not for others. However, more importantly, the fact is what we are teaching kids is out of date with what technology is ushering in and we are not preparing them for the coming world. Hell we haven’t prepared them for this one!

I understand the importance of keeping kids in school and learning. Except, what exactly are they learning? Our Government’s response to COVID and the general public’s inability to discern that is best for themselves and those around them is the truest indication of what our current school systems produce as leaders and followers. 

Is that really something we want to perpetuate?

The truth is… The Newtonian world we’ve built our lives upon for the past several hundred years, while applicable to the tangible world , is proving to not only be limited, it’s also not the only world creating our realities.  

As anthropologist are making discoveries that are altering our view of where we came from and who we are, as quantum scientists are heightening our understanding of energy and how to personally direct it for our betterment, and as history is now being revised based on facts and not strictly a victor’s fiction, the ideals and curriculum we’ve taught our children have become archaic and only serve to breed more separation, competition and greed.

Let’s not be so quick to send our kids back into institutions that can’t give them a future. 

Here are a few things the Angels wanted to offer as new ideas for educating the new generations: 

  1. Moms and dads need to work together and get creative with their time. Someone needs to be home with the kids, which can be a shared responsibility. In other words, work less hours and work from home more. Once parents restructure their careers so they are now the ones raising their children and not school systems, then things can change. Protest for this now too!

  2. Also consider this, parents along with teachers can rebuild the educational systems in which parents are just as active in the day-to-day as the administrators, saving money and bringing responsibility back to the classroom by unburdening teachers from what we currently consider to be a singular duty. 

  3. Then, focus on making the education expeditionary. In other words, more about the life experience and less about facts and remembering data (technology has that covered). Instead teach them to think for themselves based on what they discover through a variety of studies. Treat everyday like a field trip. 

  4. Have students participate in growing a community garden – show them how geometry and math shows up in the organic forming of a plant.

  5. Let them help make lunch from what they grow in their gardens so they learn the needs of their bodies and can develop healthy palates. 

  6. Have students help build a structure or contribute to community projects, fostering their artistry and letting them use their hands to maintain the world around them – painting, constructing, tearing down – show them what it means to be in service to your community. 

  7. Let them engage with animals so they build respect for all species and life on the planet.

  8. Teach kids science, math, reading, writing, history (all the subjects), by going to various community operations like recycling centers, the solar farms, water treatment facilities, textiles mills, tech factories and such. Give them a picture of their impact on the earth so they can discover the value of why it’s important to work in harmony with our environments and the ways we live our lives.

  9. Let the youth explore the mountains, rivers, plains, oceans to see what nature wants to teach them as well. 

  10. Also talk to them about humanities past – be honest but also let them know you are committee to conscious change.

  11. But most importantly – Teach them the quantum sciences in addition to traditional Newtonian science. Let them know we only use 10% of our brains and that the next big frontier isn’t space travel, it’s mastering what we cannot see, which will lead to abilities like telepathy, telekinesis, and even the ability to bi-locate (that’s right, be in two places at once). Do this by teaching them to go inward and interact with energy to heal their emotions, minds, bodies and spirits and to create their ideal reality so they can find new resources, solutions and purposes in what is an ever advancing technological world of quantum computing and multi-dimensionality. 

The world is rapidly changing. Technology is making humanity obsolete as the jobs of the future will be automated and performed by machines. More importantly, the currency of the future will be based on a person’s character and ability to become the best person they can be while also giving back to the greater whole. Authenticity will equal value.

As we are forced to radically alter our lives due to COVID and climate change, we are offered the opportunity to end our lower constructs by introducing new sciences, ideals and methods into our courses of study. Our kids deserve better than to be confined to classrooms where they’re told what to think, or even worse, to not think for themselves but defer to people who say they know better. We are seeing the results of that today and it’s scary. Quantum science will make everyone their own authority and will teach us we are all equals. 

It would be wise for parents and teachers to get creative and start something new. Politics doesn’t have to dictate what you can do… you can do whatever you want… you’re an AMERICAN. Use your powers and give our kids a future worth living!

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