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Is Your House Making You Sick? The One Space You May Have Forgotten to Clean

Updated: May 7, 2021

I can predict with almost 100% certainty that you’ve been diligently cleaning your home during this time of isolation. How many closets, rooms, cupboards, floors and all the other chores have you taken charge over and re-organized in the last few weeks? However, while the surface of your home may be spotless, your house could still be making you sick if you have forgotten to clean this one crucial space.

It’s always easy to address the physical world, but when comes to energy, we often forgot that it also needs recycling if it’s to operate properly. In regards to our current pandemic, it’s critical that you understand how to clear and recycle the energies that reside in your home so you are clearing out the chaotic circumstances, fears and uncertainty running rampant at this time.

Clearing Your Home’s Energy

I’ve had many clients over the years ask me to intuitive look at what is going on with their homes. They tell me of experiencing spirits who are at time disruptive and other times not, they speak of groans and whispers they hear in corners at night, they talk of objects being moved and feelings of not being alone, and they express their thoughts about how loved ones are seemingly being influenced by the energies roaming about the house.

As I’ve investigated these claims, I’ve learned that often the reason these circumstances are prevalent is because the energetic structure of the home acts as a vortex allowing for the coming and going of energies of all sorts, good, bad and indifferent. But here’s what you want to know. Regardless of their intent, any energy can have puppeteering effect on you or the members of your home, causing mood swings, or irrational behaviors and ideals that go unrecognized as disruptive energetic influencers. It’s imperative that you consider this aspect of unhealthy energy hanging around the house and clear it out at this time too.

Tips for Clearing Your House

  1. Sage – Open your windows or doors and light sage, burning it as you walk throughout your entire home. As you move about, speak to your house. Tell it you are in control and that you would like all harmful energies to follow the smoke out the windows. Allow the house to air for a while before closing back up. (NOTES: You can also sage the people in your house to clear their energies. And if you don’t have sage, you can always use a drum, bells or even clap your hands or yell into each room, as sound will also break up negative or stagnate energy and then simply direct it out the windows or openings).

  2. Use Intuition -Use your intuitive skills to see, hear, feel and know if there are open energy vortices in your home and shut them down. This isn’t as difficult as you might think, especially if you have been training your intuition. Simply walk into a room, close your eyes, and witness the energy, looking specifically for places where energies might be coming and going inter-dimensionally. When you find an energy field like this, use the power of your intentions to take charge over the energetic space. Intend that you move energy on top of the vortex (energy always follows intention), capping it in a sense.

  3. Invoke Energetic Helpers – Once you are done clearing or even while you are clearing, you can ask your energetic helpers like Angels, Fairies, and even Centaurs and Gargoyles whose job it is to keep darkness at bay to either remove the vortex if possible, or to watch it and keep it contained.

  4. Protect the House – Lastly, when you’ve gotten an understanding of where energy comes and goes in your house and you have it contained, you can also then place an energetic bubble around your house, surrounding it with light, love and your own sense of authority – in that sense, claiming that space as yours to manage. You can then again ask for your energetic helpers to watch over that field, keeping your home safe and protected.

Have fun with this chore. Remember, it’s important to clear your house’s energy so it has a defense against the fears, uncertainty and chaos of today.

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