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What is intuition? An Interview with Michelle DesPres Carole’s Book Corner

Interviewed by: Carole’s Book Corner

What is intuition? Is it accessible to everyone?

Intuition is important because it serves as our primary personal-guidance system that allows us to discern and establish our most optimal health and well-being so we can then enact that balance in the world around us.

Not only is intuition accessible to everyone, but we have innate intuitive skills within us that we can enhance and make stronger, and therefore more reliable for creating our highest aspirations.

When did you discover you were intuitive, and how has this changed your life?

Everyone is born into the world intuitive. Regrettably, our culture doesn’t recognize this basic human faculty and so we disassociated from this aspect of ourselves while still toddlers. I was no exception. As a young girl, I recall moments of interacting with the unseen world but was quickly told to disregard my “imagination” and do as I was told.  Unfortunately, after thirty plus decades of doing what I was told, I found myself depressed and unfulfilled by life’s meaningless expectations and endeavors. It was then, in a moment of deep sadness, that my intuition once again broke through, offering me a connection back to higher knowing where I could find the solutions to fixing myself and the life I could no longer live. Fifteen years of intuitive awakening later, my life is completely different. I have a career I believe in and feel makes a positive difference in the world. My health is better, my relationships are deeper and stronger, and for the first time in my life, I have a sustainable future.

Intuition is sometimes widely misunderstood or mislabeled as just a thought in your mind. How do you identify true intuition and harness that gift?

Intuition can be as simple as a wisp of a thought that strolls past your mind. The key is to develop your intuitive awareness so you can distinguish a mental thought from an intuitive impression, which only comes with practice. Just as you have five senses that allow you to see, hear, smell, taste and touch your physical reality, you have a 6th sense with the ability to see, hear, feel and know what is taking place in your energetic reality – which by the way then becomes your material world – so really it’s your 1st sense. The only way to properly harness your intuitive gifts and master your ability to create your ideal life is to seek out intuitive development classes. Intuitive classes will teach how to explore your higher senses and how they operate uniquely to you so you can be more aware of when your intuition is speaking to you in your everyday life as a means of keeping you on your path.

How have you seen the lives of others changed as a result of discovering intuition?

Every time a client leaves my office, I see how intuition has changed their lives for the better. Not only do they tell me how relieved, hopeful, empowered, and motivated they are to get back to their lives and resolve their issues, I’ve watched countless individuals overcome serious emotional, physical, mental and spiritual limitations just by being able to see their circumstances from another perspective. Intuition offers higher perception and understanding. Suddenly something like infidelity no longer feels like a betrayal because the energetic truth is one of higher agreement and perhaps a dedication to learning how to love one’s self more than another. When a client understands the greater purpose of their circumstances, their reality is automatically altered for the better.

What does an intuitive session with you look like?

A session with me is relaxed, enjoyable, educational and empowering. I first like to intuitively witness a client’s energy for myself before they tell me what they are seeking. Usually, what I see in a person’s energy field (whether they are in front of me or on the phone) is exactly what they have come to see me about. It’s not uncommon that I’ll notice something like a void in their career center only to learn that they’ve just lost their job and are wondering what to do next. So I always get my first impressions which I share and then allow my clients to ask me anything they would like to know about health, career, relationship, etc. My clients generally like to record their sessions as we get in depth with understanding and explanation as well as offering tools and solutions for changing any aspect of their lives they desire. I think it’s important to note that I don’t consider myself a guru or anyone else’s authority. I present my clients with probabilities, possibilities and potentials, which they are free to incorporate or not. Everyone is his/her own authority in a session with me.

How does intuition play into ethics?

Intuition is the ultimate form of transparency. I recall once meeting a girl my son was certain was the women for him. Immediately, I knew she was not – mother’s intuition. However, had I shared my wisdoms with my son, he would likely have not been able to hear that from me, maybe even intensifying his attraction to her. As it was, I said nothing and in a short time, he learned for himself she was not the one. The point is that just because you can intuit another person’s energetic dynamics doesn’t mean you should.

I’m intrigued by the sound of this book and look forward to reading it at some time in the future. Carole’s Book Corner

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