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15 Years ago, I faced the biggest crisis of my life. My marriage was ending, my career was in flux, and I was unable to find joy in my experiences. It was like having a mid-life crisis 20 years early. I didn’t believe that working just to afford a vacation and excessive Christmas presents was a purpose yet that’s all I was allowed to be. Yet as much as I changed relationships, careers, and friends, I never found the change I really desired…until one day when I had an experience that changed everything instantly. I had finally found my cure, or maybe my cure found me.

I knew my marriage was over and that life was uncertain. I recall being in my home office, in tears, fear and worry when I heard a woman say to me, “Fret not, everything will be alright.” I spun around expecting to see a stranger in my house but no one was there – I was completely alone. However, something in her tone was familiar. I’d heard her before, often even, and in that moment I knew that until I figured out who this woman was and why she was with me, nothing in my life would truly change. Rationally, I set out to explore the voice in my head and in my quest to understand the parts of life I couldn’t see, I found my life’s cure.

Albert Einstein spoke extensively about using intuition to reach his logical and mathematical conclusions. He believed that intuition specifically was the key to enhancing creativity and finding new scientific discoveries that lead to healing, empowerment and change. I completely agree! Intuition was my solution. When I could see who I was, why I was and what was driving and influencing me, I was able to bring myself and all the circumstances, personal and financial, into balance and joy instantly.

If you suffer from depression, poor health, career and money difficulties, and relationship uncertainty, intuition is your cure.

It would be my pleasure to be your intuitive mentor aiding you in your personal healing, empowerment and change.



Need a solution? Ask Michelle. Michelle DesPes is a certified clairvoyant medium from the Berkeley Institute. In her 13 year practice, she has helped countless women and men find the solutions that improve their health, deepen their relationships and increase their wealth so they can have greater personal and collective influence.

Michelle is a dynamic speaker, teacher and author. She offers private readings and hosts many group and private intuitive development classes. She developed The Intuitive Cure programs teaching the science of intuition as the solution to our social and philosophical life issues. Michelle is also the creator of the Master Clairvoyant Practitioner Program educating intuitives on how to ethically hone their skills and build thriving businesses in the growing integrative health-care field.


        When you're happy

         Everyone's happy

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