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“When we consistently suppress and distrust our intuitive knowingness . . .

we give our personal power away.”


– Shakti Gawain, Author

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Author, Speaker, Therapist and Educator for over 18 years as an Intuitive Medium.

I know what it’s like to feel indecisive about life decisions, uncertain about whether my intuition is working, and even afraid of what others might think or what I might find if I explore the unknown.


For this reason, I’ve designed my intuitive sessions to help you understand ALL your options so you can determine what’s uniquely best for you.


It’s also why I’ve structured my courses to teach you the ethics of using your core senses so you stay safe and in control of your spiritual development.

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I’m going to bet that when it comes right down to it,  you and I are no different.

As a young girl, I didn’t have a positive self-image. My mother habitually used inappropriate words to parent my older sister and me. When playing and dreaming, I talked to and felt the presence of spirits of nature. When I shared my otherworldly experiences with others I was chastised and made to feel odd and left out so I quit speaking to the spirits. What a huge mistake!


Twenty years later I was in severe distress, depressed and angry. I loathed my oil and gas corporate career and my marriage was on shaky ground. The only thing I enjoyed was motherhood, although I felt money and status were taking precedence over my children’s better interests.


It didn’t make sense how living to the expectations of a lifestyle that was unrealistic, superficial and oppressive was something to aspire toward.


I was good at pretending to be what I was instructed to be but had no idea how to be myself.


Thankfully, the unseen world would once again befriend me.


One day, while in tears over my broken marriage, out of nowhere I heard a woman say to me, “Fret not, everything will be fine.” 

Her words both mystified and comforted me and I wanted to understand this experience I hadn’t had since childhood.


I found a program in Denver teaching the Berkeley Psychic Institutes intuitive program, and in 2004, I became a Certified Clairvoyant Medium. What I learned was a system of understanding that put me in power and gave me the insights to finding my truth and individuality.


Intuition showed me how to overcome everything I’d been lacking – self-worth, decisiveness, purpose. I couldn’t believe this critical life-skill was not being taught to us as part of our childhood education. It seemed a shame and completely disempowering.


Living intuitively taught me who I was, why I was, and what my life’s purpose could be. It allowed me to transcend my limited upbringing, toxic relationships, and destructive patterns, and helped me find purpose and a sense of belonging.


Today, I have a thriving family, a meaningful career, a deeply connected partnership, and an unwavering knowing that intuition is the key to saving humanity. Intuition can help you achieve your fulfillment too.

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“We have to dare to be ourselves, however frightening or strange that self may prove to be.”
– Mary Sarton, Poet
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Two published books:

The Clairvoyant Path – 2012
(Llewellyn Worldwide Publishers)

Intuitively You – 2019
(Triple Three Press)

Featured Articles:

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How to Achieve World Peace in 4 Intuitive Steps


I’m a musician - I sing and play guitar. I’m an aspiring filmmaker working on my first documentary.


My favorite role in life was being a hockey mom to my three (now grown) sons.

Interviewed by:

Moments with Marianne

Interviewed on Radio

Inside Personal Growth

Interviewed on Radio

Citywide Blackout

Interviewed on Radio

Inside Personal Growth

Interviewed on Radio

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I have also authored the Ethical Standards for Intuitive Practitioners

© 2016

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Intuition is the future

Imagine feeling better without medications that dull your sensibilities.

Envision finding clarity that allows you to bring people together on issues no matter their stance.

Visualize developing lasting love built on foundations of acceptance and transparency.

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As humanity reaches a crossroads between destroying itself or evolving, there is one something working in its favor.


Alternative concepts such as herbal medicine, past-life regression and meditation have been accepted into conventional thinking.


As a result there’s an emerging renaissance that will bring us new technologies, medicines, art and ways of living.

If you don’t alter your unhealthy programming, you can’t initiate change. Your intuitive lifestyle is the change you and the world needs.


Get started here with Intuitively You Book & Study Course

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