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“As my awareness increases, my control over my own being increases.”


– William Schutz, American Psychologist

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Unique intuitive guidelines will help you feel safe, in charge and comfortable exploring your intuition so you are the authority of your experiences.


Breakdown of your intuitive instincts will aid you in finding higher perspectives, feeling confident making decisions.


Use your core senses to not just maintain a healthy environment physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, but to find solutions for transforming our culture’s issues such as healthcare, education, politics and religion.


Use your higher knowledge to explore your soul’s history so you have a deeper understanding about your patterns and behaviors and bring awareness and healing to all your relationships.

what you’ll learn

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I know you don’t have time for a slow learning curve.


After a decade of teaching my certification curriculum and working with hundreds of clients I developed a series of 7 guidelines.

These guidelines will allow you to immediately start using your intuition safely and ethically in all aspects of your life.

Get started!

Purchase a paperback or eBookversion on

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Your intuitive manual.

Teaching you how to master your inner senses to experience improved health, establish deeper connections and shape a healthier future.

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purchase paperback or electronic versions here:

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Michelle Despres - Intuitive-29.png
“You cannot use intuition incorrectly. ”
– Michelle DesPres | Intuitively You

Take the full study course and access all the guided practices in the book here!

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"Michelle’s book is a life manual. I love how real she is in telling her story and the stories of others. More importantly, I love how her book is full of practical techniques and examples of how to manage your personal energetics so you can harness your power and create your highest expression.


My copy is dog-eared and always close at hand.


- Lynette W.

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Need personal support accessing your intuition and overcoming a particular dilemma?

“Sessions with Michelle provide me with a clarity of my path and helps me listen more closely to my own intuition.”
– Ella Z. | Intuitive Body Worker
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