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“One hour with Michelle is like 10 years of therapy.”

- Gina C.


with michelle

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Get answers about your health or physical well-being.

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Understand the purpose of any relationship and how to resolve deep wounds.

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Learn to build prosperity and financial security.
Remove your blocks.

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Discover your unique potentials, possibilities and opportunities.
Help mend the world.

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Author, Speaker, Therapist and Educator for over 18 years as an Intuitive Medium.

My intuitive therapy sessions are different from traditional psychotherapy.


Instead of spending endless sessions recounting your past and circling through old issues, I will look at your energy help you understand why you are going through what you are experiencing and provide you with solutions to your concerns.

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The Benefits of Intuitive Therapy Over Traditional Therapy

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I root out the underlying blocks stopping you from reaching your full potential. You get immediate and practical solutions to your life struggles.


I do this by first helping you understand, then move past, negative patterns and limitations.


This is why so many of my clients quickly express benefits after pending just a little intuitive time with me. Even after going though the muddled morass of traditional psychotherapy.

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One-on-one Intuitive Training and Coaching focusing on your unique circumstances and desires for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth.



$2,500 - Minimum 6 months



Dedicated Individual Therapy, Training and Support Private email access and attention Follow up resources and mentoring

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Private Mentorship

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Virtual Sessions One-on-one intuitive consultation to identify, enact and sustain improvement in any aspect of your life.

Zoom / Facetime / Phone



$120 / $85 1 Hour Session ($120 New Client Rate / $85 Return Rate)



Have your questions answered Find your unique purpose Learn innovative solutions 

Intuitve Therapy

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Frequenty Asked Questions:

  • What can I do to prepare for our session?
    There is really nothing you have to do. I would just say that being open to the process helps me to read your energy easiily and more clearly. So just have an open mind and know that you are always in control of the process.
  • If I don't want you to know something, will you know it?"
    Being intuitive doesn't mean I can automatically see and know everything you've ever done in your life. What I'll sense is what you are most going through the in that moment. So if you are snacking on sweets late at night when you shouldn't be, I would know it. But I will know what's pulling your energies and attentions or causing you stress and will speak to those issues. I have yet to actually find a skeleton in anyone's closet.
  • Can I record my session with you?
    Absolutely! If you have the capability to record our session via Zoom or SmartPhone, you are more than welcome to do so.
  • Do you ever do in-person sessions?
    I no longer host in-person sessions. In an effort to reduce my carbon footprint, I now only offer Zoom, Facetime, or Phone sessions. And honestly, my clients tell me there is no difference. They get the same attention, joy, understanding and relief as being face-to-face . . . plus they don't have to navigate terrible traffic. Win Win!
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Take one of Michelle’s extensive intuitive courses or join a live webinar and develop your intuition to evolve your life and mend the world.

clients reviews

“Sessions with Michelle are like a conversation with a friend and a therapist in one.  I reach out when I feel unsettled and her process helps me get aligned and supports MY decision-making process. She has a gift that is hard to define unless you have experienced a session with her.

At the end of my hour, I leave feeling balanced and better prepared to move forward. She has a gift. ”
– Marcie P.
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