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Michelle Despres Intuitive



Intuition is your inborn talent for everything you need to overcome adversity and create your ideal reality.

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Know your power, find your unique expression, and live greater than you can imagine.

Intuitive therapy and development classes will open you up to the life skills you were born with (but we’re trained out of as a child) in order to find the clarity, purpose, peace of mind and fulfillment you seek.

Who are you outside of what others expect you to be?

Your intuition knows.

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Forbes reported that intuition is the highest form of intelligence and listed it as one of the top ten qualities of all great leaders.


“Intuition is less about suddenly ‘knowing’ the right answer and more about instinctively understanding information.”


- Forbes, February 2017


Author, Speaker, Therapist and Educator for over 18 years as an Intuitive Medium.

I believe the most overlooked issue we face today is that we are limited in what we believe is possible. As an intuitive, I’ll help you find your out-of-the-box solutions that will benefit you and those around you.

I also use and teach intuition to provide my clients with an in-depth understanding of their life so they have the clarity to make informed choices that support their desires for purpose and fulfillment.

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Improve Your Health

Deepen Your Relationships

Find Your Unique Purpose

Mend the World

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Western culture only considers the body and mind and ignores the emotions and spirit, leaving you to operate with only half your equation.

It’s no wonder you often feel anxiety-riddled, depressed, out of balance and unable to make decisions with ease and know your purpose.

Learn to attune to your inner knowledge to find answers and directions that will lead to your greatest outcomes in health, wealth and love.

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Most of us feel disconnected, have anxiety, an inability to make decisions, and even understand what’s really happening to us.

“One hour with Michelle is like 10 years of therapy.”
- Gina C.
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Take charge of your destiny and move into your higher purpose.

Whether it’s your health, finances, relationships, or personal growth, Intuitive Therapy helps you find your unique understandings, potentials, and opportunities.

We’re taught to distrust intuitives and “psychics” because they have seemingly otherworldly powers or they just want our money.

As the Ethical Intuitive™, I encourage you to dispel these myths by recognizing that everyone is intuitive (including you!).

Learn how to use your core instincts so you can receive the benefits that intuitive information brings while also learning how to become the authority and creator of your own life. 

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The difference between one man and another… is energy.”

- Thomas Arnold, Historian

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“Each of us has a unique part to play in healing the world.”

- Marianne Williamson, Spiritual Teacher

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Yes, you have a purpose . . . and it’s not as elusive as you think. Purpose is a path, not a destiny and you know you’ve achieved it when you internally feel good about yourself and your contribution to the world. 

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what's intuition?

“Intuition is the source of scientific knowledge.”

– Aristotle, Greek philosopher

Take charge of your destiny and move into your higher purpose.

Did you know . . . Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla used intuition to derive their inventions? In fact, intuition isn’t a new concept. Throughout the ages people just like you have drawn from their inner promptings to avert crises, find self-healing, and bring forth new ideas.


Your innate guidance system (a.k.a. intuition) is designed to send you pictures, feelings and vibrations. When you pay attention to your intuition’s communications, you get clued into how to improve your health, deepen your relationships, find meaningful purpose, and even mend the world. 

Thanks to cutting-edge scientists studying psychic abilities, and companies like Apple who actively seek intuitive leadership, intuition - which used to be fringe thinking - is now at the center of scientific research and is rapidly changing how we see ourselves, each other and the world around us.


There is no doubt today. You are intuitive, and as such, you are a commodity in high demand with the power to forge a healthy and sustainable future for yourself . . . and all of humankind.

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