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Knowledge to live beyond limits & the power to create fulfillment.


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All-encompassing online video courses for discovering the life skills you never learned in school . . . But should have.


Sustain your health, deepen your relationships, increase your wealth, find meaningful purpose and even mend the world.

“Each of us has a unique part to play in the healing of the world.”
– Marianne Williamson, Spiritual teacher
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On the Run Energy Renewal

De-stress Your Mind and Restore Your Power in a Flash

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3 Secrets to Stress-Free Decision Making

Be clear, feel certain and in control.

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Chakra Tune-Up

Get unblocked stop the issues that are getting in your way.

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Those seeking personal health, abundance and well-being as well as anyone who works with people to enhance their lives will uncover revolutionary tools.

Tap into those “gut instincts” you’ve always wanted to trust . . . draw from your soul’s history . . . and gain a higher perspective.

Armed with this knowledge, you will:

  • Take control over limiting patterns and behaviors.

  • Transform your life into your most authentic expression

  • Love the life you live.


95 simple and profound videos personally walking you through all the information in Michelle’s latest book and with all the guided mediations and visualization practices from the book.


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student reviews

“I want to develop my intuitive skills to help me navigate the difficult choices and stress in life.  Michelle’s classes offer me a safe and welcoming place to explore and practice my intuition while interacting with other like-minded individuals.”
– Cat F.
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This Certification Course Allows you to:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of yourself, your motivations and your deepest desires. 

  • Engage in innovative ways of connecting and communicating with others that puts everyone on the same page. 

  • Find creative solutions to your life dilemmas.

  • Help others discover creative solutions to their issues. 

  • Make a peaceful, ethical and lasting difference that has help to mend the our ailing world. 

Students have used this certification to better their services as: 

  • Psychologists

  • Social Workers

  • Nurses

  • Teachers

  • Massage Therapists

  • Alternative Healers

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Service Providers

  • Consultants

  • Realtors

  • You Name It!

Watch the intro video and tour of the course material!


Frequenty Asked Questions:


Housing is a key issue in this election, and for good reason. The housing available to Ketchum’s working people has been eroded at an accelerating pace. A key contributor to this was the passage in 2017 of a law in Boise that made it seem like we couldn’t regulate short term rentals in our town. Unfortunately, instead of fighting back and working around the constraints of that law, our City leadership did almost nothing. So when Covid came and drove an exodus to towns like ours, we were in no position to deal with it. The only housing initiative the City has worked on in 3 1/2 years is tax-credit financing for low income housing (e.g., Bluebird). I am against it, as the more I looked into it the more I realized it is bad economics for Ketchum, does not maximize housing units, and, stunningly, is not workforce housing for people who live in Ketchum today. But, even if it does get built, it is a drop in the bucket to the variety of housing stock this city needs. And instead of working on multiple alternative solutions in a parallel path, the current Administration has put all of its efforts into this one project, as if it were “the” solution. It cannot possibly be that—- we need a plan and a process around housing. I asked the Mayor to include that in his 2022 budget, and he did not. This Administration has made the housing crisis worse. They supported the failed KETCH “experiment” where an out of state developer took advantage of our inadequate zoning code and our City Planning department’s credulity to make millions off of us, then jacked up the rents, flipped the property, and left us holding the bag. This Administration approved the first Marriott hotel to be built at the entrance to Ketchum, our first 6-story building, gave away millions of dollars of value in zoning concessions and did not require the developer to build adequate workforce housing. Where will those workers live? Won’t they compete with current Ketchum residents for our limited long-term housing stock? The City of Ketchum just hired a consultant for $51,000 to do yet another study on Ketchum’s housing. I can tell you what its going to say: That we need more affordable housing, of a variety of types, in a large quantity, and we need it yesterday. I know this because that is precisely what the previous Administration got from their consultants, five years ago, in 2016. You can find it on the City website HERE. We have wasted 3 1/2 years. If we had started in 2017, we would have a lot more housing options today. I have a wide variety of housing initiatives that I will implement if elected. You can see the list below. I proposed many of these to the Mayor privately about a year ago. I have written of them in the paper. But nothing seems to be happening in City Hall with any degree of urgency. Now that we are close to the election, they have just started exploring new directions. Why so late? I pointed out months ago in the Newspaper that we can tax short-term rentals and use the money for housing solutions. The Mayor and Council now see this as a good idea—but they pushed it into next year! What can we do about Housing? Fight Back! Ask any unhoused neighbor what happened, and they will tell your their home got flipped into the short-term rental pool. In 2017, Boise passed a law that prohibited cities from regulating short term rentals. What did our Mayor and Council do? Nothing. While other communities have fought against this with ordinances limiting short term rentals, our Mayor wasn’t willing to take the litigation risk. What am I proposing?

  • Fight back — I will work with other Idaho cities to get the AirBnB law repealed
  • Build more — I will work with local developers who are hungry to build long term rentals
  • Reduce the benefit to short-term rental speculators — I will will tax short-term rentals and use the money for housing solutions
  • Help locals who want to live in Ketchum — I will copy Vail’s “InDeed” program to provide locals with down-payments for homes in exchange for deed restrictions that keep the property in the hands of locals
  • Helping hand — I will provide housing vouchers to locals at risk of eviction (I have been doing this personally through BCHA)
  • Fix the broken zoning code — I will review the “in lieu of” fee in an annual, open process.
  • Maximize the impact of what we already have — I will demand that BCHA enforce the City of Ketchum owned deed restrictions on affordable housing to prevent it being sublet as short-term rentals
All of these tools were available to our Mayor. Indeed, I shared these ideas with him months and months ago. He did none of them.


The vast majority of us came to Ketchum from somewhere else. We cannot just pull up the ladder and freeze Ketchum in time. However, we don’t need to let ourselves be taken advantage of by developers who use our poor zoning code for their own enrichment, leaving us holding the bag. I will lead the community in developing a renewed vision for Ketchum that reflects the values of Ketchum residents and recognizes the constraints on development (land, water, etc.) and the new realities of the post-Covid hybrid economy. That vision will contemplate diversifying our economy beyond tourism and second homes into the Information Age. From that vision, we will draft a new zoning code and zoning map to encourage housing options beyond just massive second homes on the one hand, and short-term rental condos and massive apartment complexes on the other. That process will protect our downtown core as a thriving retail hub that can ward off the threats of chain stores and Amazon. I will lead the community in defining what “density” means to us. I don’t think it means a 6-story nationally-branded hotel or a block-long 4-story apartment complex in our retail district. We need to find what Ketchum’s appropriate balance is between density and sprawl. To me, the Hillside Ordinance is non-negotiable. We will also rebuild “the middle.” We will change the zoning code to to provide for office space for knowledge worker jobs, so that young professionals, software engineers and venture capitalists who grew up here don’t have to either leave, or work out of a cubicle at the Community Library. I will work with SVED and others to attract companies of appropriate scale in the software, engineering, marketing, financial services and other high wage industries to Ketchum.


Ketchum’s rich history as a mining and livestock center is part of the fabric of the community. We need to protect that heritage while balancing the rights of property owners. Instead of out of state consultants, non-residents, P&Z commissioners and City Staff determining what is worthy of preservation in meetings that are not fully open to the public and don’t include property owners, I will create an inclusive, community-wide process for historic preservation. I will ensure that all of our meetings will fully open and accessible to the public.


As Mayor, I won’t just profess transparency, I will be transparent. I won’t bury important Council votes in “consent agendas.” I will obey open meeting requirements and make it easy for residents to participate in meetings. Unlike our current Mayor : I won't Force through major zoning code revisions in footnotes to tables. I won’t salt City commissions with people who don’t live in the City of Ketchum. I won’t bury plans to close city streets in Master Transportation Plans that the public doesn’t know about. I won’t hand over valuable city assets to shell non-profits that are not accountable to the people of Ketchum. I will re-assess whether Ketchum’s downtown is so depressed that we need a taxpayer-subsidized Urban Renewal Authority to subsidize developers and be used as a piggy bank to top up the City’s planning budget. I will totally overhaul the City Planning department process and P&Z Commission approval process. The City Planning team will work in the interests of Ketchum residents. It will apply a consistent set of rules to all projects. The Staff will no longer direct the P&Z Commissioners on how to vote in selling memos for developers. Impacted neighbors will no longer be limited to just three minutes of public comment in P&Z meetings while developers get unlimited time to make their case.


Anyone driving south on 75 at 8:00 AM will see the line of cars all the way to Bellevue. Anyone traveling down Main Street will notice the gridlock caused by the HAWK light on 4th Street. It’s about to get worse if we don’t take action. The current Mayor has stated a car-free Ketchum as his vision - that may work for Vail, but it won’t work for Ketchum. We can’t reverse congestion, but we can control where it occurs. Congestion shouldn’t be in the center of Ketchum. I will fight ITD on their plans for a four-lane highway into the entrance to town. I will fight the Marriott at the entrance to town. I will remove the HAWK light. I will not shut down 4th Street to cars. I will work with Mountain Rides to figure out a mass transit solution for commuters so we can get more cars off the road.


We need to recognize that we are not going to be a car-free community any time in the near future. I will repeal the zoning ordinance that permits apartments to be built without parking. I will not put parking meters or permit parking in our retail core. I will not permit residential parking on the streets in the retail core.


Our Dark Skies are under threat. Already, the light dome is increasing over Ketchum. Some of the new mega-buildings being fast-tracked by the City will be lit up all night like lighthouses. How can they do that? It’s because our current Dark Sky Ordinance only applies to external light fixtures. Developers who don’t live here and who see that ordinance as something to be gamed, get around it with glass. For example, they glass in external stair cases that need to be lit all night long for safety. I will revise the ordinance so that it addresses total light leakage, not just external light fixtures.


As a passionate outdoor enthusiast, I am concerned about how development activity and use of our natural resources are intensifying in Ketchum, while there is no plan for how to mitigate the impact of the increase in population and visitors. The current controversy about Chocolate Gulch is just one example of overuse. The fact that we need fish rescues because the Big Wood peters out in Bellevue is a red flag. As is the average AQI for Ketchum from wild fires.

While we can’t make it rain and we can’t stop the wind from blowing smoke from the West, we can do our part to mitigate our impact on our environment. As Mayor, I will upgrade the Sustainability Advisory Board to a City commission, and I will hold accountable the county-wide sustainability manager that Ketchum funds to develop a plan and provide regular progress reports; I will work with the Sewer Commission to develop an understanding of what our water capacity constraints are and how we can best steward this scarce resource. We will create a longer term plan to make Ketchum a carbon neutral town.

I support Warm Springs Preserve as a way to keep that space open and accessible to the public. I have also put my financial support behind it. I am deeply concerned that the City is not managing the WSP process in a way that is likely to succeed in meeting the terms of the option agreement with the developer. While housing will be our #1 priority, it is not a goal that is incompatible with investing in open spaces. We will work with Mr. Brennan, the Wood River Land Trust and KURA to make sure that Warm Springs Ranch does become Warm Springs Preserve.

Intuitive development classes and workshops 

Everyone is intuitive - INCLUDING YOU!


You can develop your intuition and learn to rely on it with certainty. Honing your intuition is a must.


Get you started on your intuitive path, continue your practice and become the person you were always meant to be.


Workshops Range from $5 to $20 per Class

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Master Training for Using Intuition Therapeutically to Achieve Personal Growth and to Help Others Find Their Mind, Body, Soul Balance

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“Michelle’s classes always take my intuitive skills to their next level.  It’s impressive how she explains complex information in everyday terms so that I’m able to easily integrate these transformative lessons into my life.”
– Jackie M. | The Intuitive Realtor
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I want to be really honest with you. . . this program is not for everyone!


This course is an elite, year-long engagement that requires a willingness to commit to yourself and your desire to create positive change in the world. The role of Intuitive Practitioner is a crucial one and should be reserved for those individuals who truly want to help others find mind, body and soul healing without the need for notoriety.

Have questions and want to see if this is right for you?

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