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GRATITUDE: 3 keys to master calm amidst chaos

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Are you grateful all the time?

Of course not . . . nor are you expected to be. However, if you can sustain a sense of being thankful for the elements of your life, you will have an easier time manifesting your desires.

You’ve heard the importance of practicing gratitude as a means of creating the life you desire. But life isn’t always fun and it can be difficult to be grateful after you’ve had a miscommunication with a loved one, found an error in your checking account math, or been in an accident that keeps you from working.

The trick of course is to return to gratitude for what is unfolding so you can transcend it quicker.

But just how do you maintain gratitude in the midst of the everyday chaos?


Intuition is the education you didn’t get in school that allows you to interpret the bigger picture of your life so you can find understanding that fosters your unique balance of mind, body and soul.

Below are 3 keys to using your higher instincts to master gratitude so you can achieve all that you desire.


3 keys to mastering gratitude that will increase your health, opportunities and happiness.

Key 1 – Don’t reject your chaos

People who live a spiritually connected life often feel it’s best to dwell in the light and stay away from the dark. The problem is that when something bad happens, they tend to judge themselves as if they didn’t immerse themselves in enough light but this is faulty thinking all around.

You need to understand that you are a balance of both positive and negative and to deny either one would create imbalance. To maintain gratitude does not mean that you remain perpetually perky. Negative things happen. Embrace the challenges you face, speak about your fears and worries because that’s real, and then return to gratitude by remembering that your difficulties are designed to teach you something that will make you stronger and more capable in your life.

Key 2 – Intuit your life lesson

Once you accept your life’s chaos, you can begin to learn the lesson that will allow you to create your desires. Simply ask the question…What is this situation trying to teach me? This is where you have to trust what you hear, see and feel. You might hear something like…you are learning independence or how to receive support. Or you might even feel a sense of learning to let go. Generally, your first instinct is correct. However, trusting your instincts isn’t always easy. If you haven’t been trained or counseled on how to do use your inner wisdom you might second guess yourself and create more chaos. I recommend that you seek intuitive development and counseling so you become more effective with interpreting the events of your life.

Key 3 – Makes necessary changes

When you understand the lesson of your difficulties, you can then take steps to change parts of yourself or your life so you experience more of what you desire. If your lessons is to learn patience then perhaps your intuition is telling you to change the parts of you that want to rush ahead or expect things to move faster. Instead, you will replace those mental prompting with the intuitive knowledge that it is ok for life to unfold slowly at its natural pace. When you do this, you are accepting your circumstance and working with them in gratitude for what they allow you to learn so you can create fulfilling circumstances.

These 3 keys will help you maintain balance so you are able to be in gratitude even for the not so wonderful events of your life. It’s in our greatest trials we learn our most expansive lessons and can therefore grow and evolve ourselves. Having gratitude for ALL that is happening, good, bad and indifferent, is the key to manifesting a beauty life.

Happy intuiting!


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