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POWER TO THE PEOPLE: You were always the change you were seeking

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Are you upset about the elections?

Me too but not because of who won or who lost. I’m upset because we keep missing the boat on what causes change.

Regardless of which side of the presidential election you fell on, CHANGE only comes when YOU create it in your personal life.

I think it’s important at this time of uncertainty, fear and finger crossing, that we acknowledge the POWER OF THE PEOPLE.

I’ve said this in other blogs…Government never changes anything. As a matter of fact, government is there to do what WE THE PEOPLE tell it to do.

I recently posted to my Facebook page a video featuring a “Flash Meditation.” Rather than a group of people suddenly breaking into dance in the middle of a crowded area, these people all sat down and began meditating.


If you want the world to change, you have to change the way you relate it to it. For instance, if you want corporate greed to go away, you have to take the high road and stop purchasing products that are not environmentally or socially conscious…because what do you think happens when no one is buying the “kool aid” anymore? Corporations are forced to change.

If you want government corruption to cease, again be more aware of what your money supports and be willing to stop funding and their programs and get creative with your community members and enact your own local living fix…build community gardens, fund your own solar and wind farms…because what do you think happens to government when no one is buying their kool aid either? 

The only way our nation will change is when YOU do something different. YOU HAVE THE POWER!

AND…The best way for you to learn that power is by giving yourself the intuitive education you never got in school.

Science now recognizes that everything is energy and that you can direct energies to achieve your desired outcomes.

Intuition is your innate guidance system that allows you to interpret and conduct energy so you can find your unique balance of mind, body and soul and are able to create the sustainable life you want…you simply never received this education.

Albert Einstein often spoke of using intuition to reach his logical conclusions and believed it offered new solutions to our personal, social and philosophical life issues…and now it’s time to get your intuitive education so balanced power can be brought back to the world!

Below are classes and a free talk I offer that will set you on your path to healing, empowerment and change. Please contact me and let’s chat about how these events can not only alter your life but give you the power the create greater change in the world.

There is literally no time to wait!

With love, hope and healing,



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