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RAINBOWS: Why those lost to tragedy still have a bright future!

<img class="wp-image-6733 alignright lazyload" src="" alt="" width="461" height="461" />How do you find the beauty in Orlando, Dallas, Minnesota… All the places that make this list too long to detail?

Where is the purpose and understanding behind our Nation’s demise into violence, separation, greed and war?

I want to share the most beautiful vision I received about these tragedies and why they are happening and how the people who are lost to us through these tragedies still have an amazingly bright future ahead.

I had been in San Francisco the week of the Orlando shootings where the rainbow is a widely held symbol because it represents our full spectrum and that life is made up of the spectrum and that we must love all of ourselves and all of one another regardless of gender, orientation, race or religion if we want to achieve peace, harmony and balance. I saw the rainbow everywhere that week leading up to the tragedy. Then after Orlando, I was seeing the rainbow in every city I was in and on every television station I saw. Suddenly, the rainbow was not just a symbol for the gay and lesbian community it was a symbol for us ALL. But in the many years that I have served as a medium, the rainbow has taken on an additional meaning for me and that’s what I want to share.

As a medium, I have seen and learned a great deal about what happens when we die. But I’ve also seen what happens when we’re ready to be reborn. Often, I see children in spirit who are ready to inhabit a body again and are busy making their contracts with their soon-to-be parents. But the children being born today are not just any children…they are the Rainbow Children here to usher in the era of peace and love…which is the real fate of those we’ve recently lost.

The fact is is that America can no longer persist under her old ways… She is ready to be reborn too. But this is a journey that’s been coming for decades and over that time certain types of people have come in to be born, serve, and make a bigger difference…people like Martin Luther King Jr., Oprah Winfrey, Gandhi, and even people like Steve Jobs, Prince, and Robin Williams.  In the metaphysic community, these figures are known as “light workers.” Highly evolved spirits who are holding a higher vision and vibration for our collective evolution. They are often referred to as the Indigo Children or the Crystal Children because that is the color of their auras. Yet recently I noticed a new type of child coming to the planet and have been referring to them as the Rainbow Children.

Rainbow Children incorporate the full spectrum of light and love. They are peace and harmony and for years I’ve been seeing these rainbow children being born. Many of our infants are rainbow children and the beautiful vision I had after the tragedy in Orlando was of all those who had been lost coming back (rather quickly) as the Rainbow Children.

All our recent violent outburst are the final straw that is causing us to wake up and change. For ALL those lost in these events, there is a brighter future as they will be back as the Rainbow Children here to bring about true peace and harmony.

You can support these brilliant spirits but eliminating hate, intolerance and judgement from your life. Stop hating yourself and your life, stop being intolerant of your personal needs, and stop judging yourself for somehow not being enough.

Once you love yourself, you can then truly love others…and that’s the point. Accept your full rainbow spectrum and then accept the rainbow of others.


Michelle DesPres

Clairvoyant medium and life strategist helping you learn to be the TRUE YOU!

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