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2021 REVEALED: The Number 5 (Why is the Greatest Superpower of All)

Updated: May 7, 2021

What if you had a superpower that could bring transparency regarding the intentions of others and soften the hearts of those who only see difference? Wouldn’t that be something to foster? Well, brace yourself because in 2021 that superpower becomes real with the number 5 and all you have to do is be willing to start asking WHY.

Yet before you think that will be easy, think again. 2021 is a 5 year. And 5 being the number of change means destruction must ensue in order for something new to come about.

So while it’s necessary you master the power to ask why, recognize that the repercussion of your inquiries will cause the structures around you to fall. If only there were a way around this step, right? There isn’t and for good reason.

A new renascence is at hand.  I see it – do you?

As 2021 emerges, it’s bringing with it an air of innovation, invention and artistry that mimics the renascence of old. Suddenly, we will find we have the ability to solve all our social, environmental, political, economic, and philosophical differences and we are able to bring a new sense of beauty to the world.

However, this period of enlightenment that is meant to save the planet will not come if you do not ask the destructive questions that will give way to these new ideas. Let me help you understand how to do that safely and with care in this last video in my series on the Numbers of 2021.

Watch Video #5 Now!

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