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Are you forcing your circumstances?

<img class=" wp-image-5951 alignright lazyload" src="" alt="Frau ist müde in der küche" width="438" height="292" />Do you have the same issue as me? Do you often try and “make things happen” even when you are getting a bigger sign that perhaps you shouldn’t?

It’s hard not to push for things to be what you want them to be regardless of whether it’s what’s best or not.

I think it just comes down to not trusting that spirit can create for me. We are conditioned in this country to believe that if you just work hard enough you can have whatever you want. But is that really true, and more so, is that healthy? What are we really creating when we force our circumstances? I can tell you from personal experience…When I create under force versus flow, nothing in my life is clear, precise or beneficial in the long run. Which is why I’ve stopped forcing my circumstances and have learned to flow with the cycle of time.

In this  TRUE YOU video, I will help you understand how you can make the most of your creative time by simply allowing yourself to adhere to what is happening around you.

Take Care,



Stop Forcing…Start Flowing

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