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Lasting Love IS Possible

One of the reasons I love my work is because I learn from my clients. As I clairvoyantly view their energy dynamics, I see things I’d never seen before such as true love.

I grew up with the message that I should find a man not to love but who could take care of me. And while I resisted the notion, I was not immune to what it caused me to believe about love which was that it wasn’t real. You can only imagine the issues that caused me when trying to establish and maintain relationships. I never trusted that love was real and so love never showed up real – it was that simple.

However, thanks to my clients, I have had the benefit of intuitively witnessing true love. But most importantly, I now know how to create such a thing and realize love is not a fantasy but a reality I can absolutely achieve and I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned intuitive so you can have the same thing too.

In this week’s Intuitive Living video, I lend insight into how best to start the year so you can finish strong.

Lasting Love IS possible

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