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MEDIUM: Are Spirits Drawn to You?

<img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-6287 lazyload" src="" alt="" width="300" height="232" />This week’s word: MEDIUM: Are Spirits Drawn to You?

In my 13 years of working as a medium and mentoring other mediums, I’ve come to realize that mediumship is not the most pleasant of things. It can be scary, isolating and mind-boggling. But what I find fascinating about this today is how many more individuals are experiencing mediumship and why.

Often times, mediums struggle in silence with this “gift” because they have no support for that part of themselves and they have no idea how to explain what they sense without sounding crazy. However, I would like to urge anyone experiencing mediumship to embrace that skill by studying and learning how to work with it. Why? Because studies show that mediumship is the best form of grief counseling around.

As more and more people become spiritually-minded, they will seek out mediums to aid them through their losses.

If you are a medium, afraid to tell anyone else what is going on, step out and find a mentor who can ethically help you hone your skill so you can begin helping others find profound healing.

In the coming years, your services will be highly sought after and what once was a fearful limitation can become a source of peace and love.

Keeping Being the Change,


Michelle DesPres

Clairvoyant medium and life strategist helping you learn to be the TRUE YOU!

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