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Modern Medicine and Holistic Health CAN and DO Work Together

People really are understanding that so much of their health they can control simply by living a balanced mind, body and soul lifestyle. However, there is no reason to completely abandon the old for the new.

In truth, Eastern and Western philosophies can, and should, blend. As we work out of a past in which we deferred to science and education as authority and into a future of assuming our self-knowledge and authority, it’s perfectly acceptable to allow both the old and new to aid in our healing.

Nobody wants to be sick but everyone should want to be in charge of their personal healing. After all…no one knows you like you do! Only you truly know what is and isn’t right for you and knowing that you have the right to whatever options best suit you is critical to your healing..

In this week’s Intuitive Living video, I will help you understand how to allow Eastern and Western medicines to assist you in finding sustainable healing. 

Modern Medicine and Holistic Health CAN and DO Work Together

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