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Opportunity Time…Michelle’s Spring Intuition

This spring marks a new beginning. But it’s not just any new beginning. Due to our years of moving out of limitation and into empowerment, we have now reached a time when possibilities abound and potential is more ripe than ever!

If you are willing to play at opportunities that come your way today, you will find the things that will satisfy and sustain you indefinitely.

As children we were taught to finish what we started.  While that is a great and necessary lesson to learn, the other side of the coin is just as relevant. After having tried something, we should be able to step away from it if it doesn’t suit us. It’s a balance…you have to try a variety of things to know what you want to stick with which means some of the things you try you also need to let go of if they aren’t sparking your desires.

In this week’s Intuitive Living video, I will help you understand how best to take advantage of this next 6 month cycle so you are exploring your opportunities and learning what you want to let go and take forward.

Opportunity Time…Michelle’s Spring Intuition

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