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Release to Reset

Every New Years is a change to start anew. But as we set intentions and make resolutions without starting with a clean slate, it’s like cooking a stew a dirty pot. And I can’t think of any one who wants to eat stew from a dirty pot.

I’m being cheeky but I have a point. I often hear people complain that no matter what they do nothing changes. But maybe the problem isn’t how much effort they put in but what energy is affective them.

You wouldn’t paint an oil on top of an acrylic – you would start with a blank canvas. Same idea holds true for setting intentions and resolutions. If you are visualizing and setting your intentions for the year, it’s best not to have old or limiting energies in your field that might cause you to repattern issues you are trying to overcome.Luckily, there is a simple intuitive practice that you can enact that ensures you are giving yourself the best opportunity to accomplish your goals this year.

In this week’s Intuitive Living video, I help you release and reset your field for optimal intentions setting and success.

Release to Reset

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