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TRUMP: It’s time to play YOUR TRUMP CARD this election

<img class=" wp-image-6675 alignright lazyload" src="" alt="" width="359" height="239" />If the current presidential election process hasn’t made it painfully clear to all of us that our nation is in deep trouble, I’m afraid to know what will. 

With candidates who can’t be honest about emails, past dealings, campaign funds and where exactly our American tax dollars go, I get extremely disheartened. And to be blatantly honest, every time I see Donald Trump’s angry, indifferent and sociopathic face plastered everywhere, I want to scream!!!

What has our nation become?

Thankfully, YOU have the real TRUMP card and now is the time to play it!

Remember who you are and stop giving any of these candidates more authority than yourself! WE THE PEOPLE are the ruling force. What we demand, we get!

Each of us as individuals has the right to say NO and YES to what we believe and want and it is in exercising this right…YOUR TRUMP CARD…that our nation is actually formed. I think we’ve just forgotten our power and have allowed people who want to make themselves more important than the whole tell us what is best.

Now is the time to take your power back and below is a short list of things to consider saying no and yes to that can help you remember YOU HAVE THE POWER and where you put your time, attention and money makes all the difference in the world!

Say NO to:

  1. Needing two and even three incomes to raise a family

  2. Working more than enjoying

  3. Letting the daycares and schools raise your children

  4. Company policies that take and don’t give back

  5. Allowing pesticides to be sprayed on our soils

  6. Paying exorbitant prices for health care, homes, cars, cell phones and things that should be improving our lives not imprisoning us in debt

I could go on and on…

Say YES to:

  1. Raising your children and remember that you are a kid still too

  2. Living for love and passion rather than safety and necessity

  3. Solar and wind energies that are ever abundant

  4. Alternative transportation that doesn’t pollute

  5. Local living economies where you buy your eggs from John at the farmer’s market and your clothes from Molly’s alpaca farm down the road

  6. Starting a business that is conscious-minded and for the betterment of the planet and people

  7. Saving the Rainforests and going digital

Again, I could go on and on…

You get the point. There is much you can do NOW, you don’t even have to wait for the elections, to ensure that whomever becomes our next president will have no choice but to follow the desire of the people…it just takes YOU being willing to do things differently.

Political spinning, corporate greed, and the defrauding of the American people will continue like business as usual for many years to come. Those systems will be the last to fall. But these issues matter not because as YOU change what you are willing to put up with, politics and business will be forced to conform.

YOU HAVE THE POWER and now is the time to exert it.

Either that or we all write our own names in on the ballot this election…or better yet…we could call ourselves WE THE PEOPLE and write that in and cast our vote for (the) US.

Just something to think about.


Michelle DesPres

Clairvoyant medium and life strategist helping you learn to be the TRUE YOU!

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