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3 KEYS TO EMPOWERMENT: Tempering the Ego

Would you call Donald Trump powerful or empowered?

I ask this because it’s important to note the distinction between power and empowerment as they create two starkly different realities. 

While one creates discord the other creates harmony and it’s at this time we need to be diligent about which force we are using so we are bringing balance to the planet rather than more destruction.

Power vs. Empowerment 

Power comes from the lower self and is driven by the ego, or the need to be right. Empowerment is found in the higher self and is driven by the spirit and the recognition that we are all one. Yet before we demonize the ego, making it wrong somehow, power is not a bad thing – it just goes astray when it’s not coupled with the spirit of empowerment. 

For instance, a powerful person will create situations that ultimately lead to discontent and division because they believe you can’t please everyone, their way is the only way and it’s every man for himself.

However, when you temper power with its higher component of empowerment, you begin to design scenarios with the intent of benefiting the greater good of all because you know that there is a give and take to all things and if you just get people on the same page you’ll find a peaceful solution everyone can live with. 

Power when it is not coupled with empowerment looks like bullying and the need to force agendas. However, when you temper power with empowerment, you generate peace, harmony, and most importantly, collaboration which unites people and charges them with finding creative solutions. 

So again, I ask: Would you call Donald Trump powerful or empowered?

What about yourself? Where do you place yourself on that scale? Are you being powerful or empowered in your life?

How To Be Empowered 

Power provides you with the ability to speak up on behalf of your feelings and ideals. Yet it’s empowerment that understands it’s alright if you don’t get your way as long as you’ve been heard, considered and a solution has been found that suits the greatest good. 

To foster your empowerment, explore yourself as an energetic, intuitive being and empowerment will naturally follow. If you have not done your inner-work, it’s likely you are not using your power properly, which could very well not be helping at this time. 

Here are a few tips for learning to temper your well-earned power with some balanced empowerment. 


  1. Know your “Self” – The first part to empowerment is knowing yourSelf. This means not just following what others tell you but discovering who you are and what you personally believe. When you know what you believe, you feel a sense of pride in yourself and don’t need others to approve of or validate you.

  2. Speak your truth – Secondly, empowerment is about knowing your truths and being able to speak them openly whether you get your way or not. When you can speak honestly, your heart and ego are at peace and your communications are agenda free and real which unites and bonds individuals.

  3. See all perspectives – Lastly, empowerment is the ability to see all perspectives with the understanding that all peoples’ truths are correct whether you believe them or not. When you have this understanding, you don’t just want your way, you want what is in the best interest of all and can make well informed higher decisions that benefit the whole.

If you want to be empowered, get to know who you are, learn to speak your truths and see all perspectives as equal. This type of powerful person makes for excellent leadership, cooperation and compassion. . .  the very things we need more of in this world.

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