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SYMBOLISM: The Language of Your Intuition

What if there was a system of communication, a language, which would allow you to find personal healing, deep and trusting relationships, increased wealth, greater purpose and well-being?

AND…What if ALL PEOPLE innately spoke and understood this language regardless of geography or country uniting ALL PEOPLE despite race, belief or status?

MORE IMPORTANTLY…What if this language was something you could teach yourself, NOW, knowing that you could master this language effortlessly and begin creating a life you love and a world of beauty?

Well that language exists, you speak it and it’s called symbolism.

Languages are created as a means of relating and connecting. However, symbolism is the first and most important language that unfortunately most of us have forgotten we speak despite the fact that it’s constantly speaking to us.

Life is a metaphor and all the knowledge of the universe is steeped in it’s symbolism. When you know how to read symbolic language, you suddenly realize the answers you seek about health, wealth and well-being are always coming to you.

For instance, I might be forcing a project or creation and finding it difficult to get things done all the while wondering what I can do to stop procrastinating and complete the task. As I’m in this thought driving down the road, let’s say a fox runs past my car. But this is no ordinary fox, it’s a symbolic answer to my pressing life issue if only I know how to read it…and thankfully I do.

In the metaphysic world, fox represents adaptability, wisdom and cunning. Automatically, I understand that the universe is speaking to me and offering me the solution to my dilemma which is to stop judging myself and forcing the project to become what I “think” it should be, and rather I should be open to adapting the project so it can evolve and actually come to life. 

Although this is an extremely over-simplified example, it demonstrates how symbolism speaks to us all the time bringing us exactly what we need if only we are willing to pay attention and see. If we are good at paying attention and listening to the symbolism happening around us in all ways, all the time, there is nothing we cannot figure out…personally or collectively.

So don’t forget your first language…Symbolism. What is life saying to you? Get good at decoding your experiences, dreams, visions and desires so your life can unfold.

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