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INTUITION: The education Americans lack that solves ALL our personal, social and philosophical life

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We can attempt to shift careers, revolve through relationships, cure our illnesses or even elect a new president and things are likely to stay the same…different job – same system, new relationship – familiar arguments, a week of wellness – a month of new aches and pains, a new national leader – same politics as usual.

So just what creates change? INTUITION.

Albert Einstein said, “We cannot solve the problem with the same thinking we used to create it.” He’s talking about intuition.

Americans operate with only half their equation. Our science honors the physical and mental aspect of reality but neglects the emotional and spiritual aspect of our humanity. Worse yet, we think the physical and mental create the emotional and spiritual when it’s actually the other way around but because we are not trained to view ourselves intuitively, we never see the truth.

Spirit is original thought that decides it wants to have a certain experience like…”I want to know what it’s like to be a part of a community”. Spirit’s thought then sparks emotions which serve as a magnetizing force coalescing energies together forming a mind that then builds a body. The body then goes and lives the experience of being in community so its spirit can know itself. And here is the key…In this entire scheme, intuition is the function that lets us interface with our spirit, body, mind and emotions to see if we are on track with our design or what might be getting in the way…and that’s powerful! Suddenly intuition gives us the ability to heal ourselves and our circumstances.

For example, from an intuitive perspective we might realize that our physical issues stem from an emotional wound. Under our current American thinking, we would try to fix the physical issue only to have it move to another place in the body simply because we didn’t get to the emotional root. Intuition solves that problem. When we intuitively witness the emotion and why it is in a state of dis-ease, we are given the solution and are empowered to change our emotional and physical circumstances instantly.

Yet intuition doesn’t just let us witness our personal dynamics, it provides us with a window into the dynamic of our relationships with others as well as the planet and cosmos helping us understand that we are both separate and ONE – we are different yet the same – we are all good, bad and indifferent and therefore equal.

Intuition levels the playing field and makes everyone the same while still allowing their uniqueness to be valued. What could be better than that? Imagine if we taught ourselves and our children to think from this greater perspective. What type of nation would emerge? What would we value? How would life change…for real? I’ve seen it and it’s a beautiful and peaceful future. I wonder if you can see it too.

Intuition is our new science of thinking that allows us to find innovating solutions to all our personal, social and philosophical life issues. Now is the time to start thinking beyond what we were taught…start using your intuition and find healing, empowerment and change.


Michelle DesPres

Clairvoyant medium and life strategist helping you learn to be the TRUE YOU!

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