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How Intuition Can Fix Our Failing American Educational System

“Intuition is less about suddenly ‘knowing’ the right answer and more about instinctively understanding information.”

Forbes, “Intuition is the Highest Form of Intelligence,” February 2017 [i]

I never in my wildest dreams envisioned myself becoming an intuitive medium, let alone being fortunate enough to love what I do.  The American educational system failed to recognize my gifts of discernment, instead labeling me a below average student, because I read slowly and couldn’t keep numbers straight. This assessment stunted me most of my life, causing me to feel inferior, unworthy, and doomed to an oppressive life of hard labor. Consequently, I floundered in dead-end jobs, dysfunctional relationships, and self-loathing. It wasn’t until my intuition intervened – teaching me who I was, why I was, and what I wanted, that the tables finally turned. Over time, I found the foundations necessary for stepping into my higher than average IQ, and created greater circumstances for myself.  This is something my education should have given me from the start.

Why typical education is failing

Not only are our schools failing us in many obvious ways, but recent reports[ii] show our teaching methods are not advancing the minds and hearts of children.  Our educational methods need a fundamental paradigm shift; Einstein observed, “you cannot solve the problem with the same thinking that created it.” The only way to fix our failing American educational system is to integrate the study of intuition into our curriculum, and pivot away from the “remember what we tell you” approach to learning, toward the “understand what your intuition is telling you” ideal.

Interestingly, even mainstream science now understands intuition’s role in advancing an individual. In a 2015 article entitled “The Reality of ESP: A Physicist’s Proof of Psychic Abilities”,[iii] Stanford Institute’s Dr. Russell Targ stated, “Based on decades of data, I believe it would be logically unreasonable to deny the reality of some kind of human ability for direct awareness . . . it appears that an experienced psychic can answer any question that has an answer. I cannot wait to see what the future holds when we fully open the doors of our perception!”

Everyone is intuitive, and it’s time we opened that magical door to our best learners: our children. Forbes called intuition the highest form of intelligence for a reason. While it is important that individuals learn to read, write, and calculate, it is equally imperative that they learn how to use intuition to recognize their energetic environments to achieve inward and outward balance. Adapting our teaching methods to include courses on finding individual knowledge provides students with the building blocks to maintain healthy bodies and minds, deepen relationships, and establish meaningful purpose.

How Intuition Could Work in Schools

How would this work in practice? Envision a required class (like science or social studies) called something fun, like “Free Your ESP”, offered to students from the earliest ages. This class would teach kids to use their extra-sensory perceptions to determine the nature of their environment, behaviors and circumstances, to achieve balance. Using simple experiments and exercises, kids would use their inner awareness to witness the state of their emotions, minds, bodies, and spirits as a way of understanding what influences were most prevalent for them.

In such a class, the shy child might recognize that her introverted nature stemmed from being overly sensitive to others’ emotions, and that learning to hold energetic boundaries would allow her to be extroverted more comfortably. “Free Your ESP” class could also help the bully recognize that his behaviors come from a core self-loathing, and that by learning to love himself, he wouldn’t need to make others feel badly, too. Just imagine the possibilities, and the world we would live in if we taught our children this way.

The bottom line is that a child taught to perceive their reality, versus follow a prescribed agenda makes better choices for themselves going into the world. Both the shy child and the one-time bully have the power to determine consciously their best path, whatever it may intuitively be. The solution to aiding our youth in increasing their mental acuity, rising above poverty, and eradicating hatred, begins by teaching them how to see life from a higher perspective. Opening their minds to intuition will allow them to find a greater awareness in all subjects and aspects of their lives. Equipped with an educational system that truly values and cultivates their highest capacity for learning, students will not only save themselves, but undoubtedly tap into their higher senses to enhance and ultimately save the planet.

[i] Bruce Kasanof, “Intuition is the Highest Form of Intelligence,” Forbes, February 21, 2017.

[ii] The Brookings Institute’s 2018 report titled, How Well are American Students Learning?”

[iii] “The Reality of ESP: A Physicist’s Proof of Psychic Abilities,” Watkins Mind Body Spirit, 2015.

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