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THE TRUE AMERICAN DREAM: Resolving our Nation’s Crisis

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Did you know America was founded on an ancient dream of peace and equality that today can be fulfilled?

The United States was formed based on visions conceptualized by the great philosophers of old like Plato, Socrates and Epictetus to one day be a seed for universal democracy in which all nations would cooperate in a commonwealth of States.[i] In the dream, all matters of human need, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually would be met through systems of education, philosophy, and social conduct. In the dream, the States would operate under an understanding of self-rule as the people would be properly educated and would know the right actions by which to govern—themselves. In the American dream, the commonwealth would prosper not by personal gain, but by collectively supporting the needs of one another, setting an example in the world for what could be achieved when a nation nurtures the needs of its people and their diverse individualities while uniting them for the greater good of all.

Does this sound like Utopia?  Well it is and we had the opportunity to live their hundreds of years ago but our founders forgot to incorporate one exceptional important element into our constitution, The Right to Universal Knowledge.

Not many people today believe Utopia is a rational possibility. However, the only reason we consider an advanced and peaceful society to be unachievable is because we ourselves lack the fundament understanding of our total selves and our needs.

That we are physical is obvious, but that we are mental, emotional, and spiritual beings housed within a soul, connected to all other soul’s is not so apparent. With the aid of our intuitive abilities, we can witness and bring balance to all parts of ourselves, discovering the cure not only to our personal ills but to the world’s most pressing issues.

Today our structures around education, healthcare, social care, philosophy and politics all need to be reinvented today. Until we begin to educate our culture about the science and hidden benefits of intuition and its ability to bring us into whole-being both individually and collectively, no policy we enact will sustain.

There is a new education available to us that has the power to radically alter our lives for the better. Before we can reorganize our structures into sustainable systems, humanity must first learn to sustain its quantum energetic self lest our reorganizations serve merely as a band-aid and not a cure. Once we have met these challenges of learning a higher education and finding the power within to create a more peaceful outward reality, we can bring consciousness and wisdom into our collective systems in turn making moot or resolving our social, political, educational, economic and philosophical life issues.

The time is now to exercise our intuitive freedoms.

  1. Can we free our wills and liberate our minds into seeking insightful solutions?

  2. Can we use our free expressions to conceive new ideas and change our status quo?

Not only can we, but we must if we desire to grow into the magnificent people and nation we are destined to become.


[i] Hall, Manly, P., The Secret Destiny of America, Org. published 1944, Reprinted by Tarcher Penguin, 2008. Print.

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