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2018 The Year of Ascending

<img class="alignright wp-image-9270 lazyload" src="" alt="" width="464" height="464" srcset=" 640w, 300w, 544w, 150w, 400w, 480w, 600w, 100w, 85w, 180w" sizes="(max-width: 464px) 100vw, 464px" />Here we are again at the start of a new year. . . Yet in truth, we’ve never been HERE before.

Recap 2017

On January 31, 2017 an unprecedented shifted that took place on Earth. Magnetically, the Earth’s magnetic resonance amplified from 7.83Hz to 36+Hz for the first time in recorded history. What does that mean to you? It has been long been hypnotized that human consciousness is subject to, as well as impacts, the magnetic field of the earth. In other words, when the earth shifts we shift and when we shift the earth shifts but its hard to say which came first, the chicken or the egg.

Regardless of whether the earth shifted or human consciousness shifted but it seems women’s voices are now commanding the resonance of the planet and literally causing it to ascend into a higher vibration and perspective. First, the Women’s March took place followed up by women everywhere speaking out about inequality and sexual harassment AND FINALLY BEING HEARD! This is when I really knew something had changed. Women have the power today and men can have it too if they want to operate outside of personal agenda and greed and ascend into their higher form.

2018 Trends

What is feminine power? This year will solidify women’s positions in the world. More women will be entering politics, advancing in their corporate careers, and starting their own businesses as well as demanding that they be allowed to stay at home and raise their children. So how is this different from men in politics and positions of power? The feminine vibration resonates at cooperation, acceptance and tolerance for the needs of all. I equate it to the simple fact that the female vibration is steeped in motherhood. Whether you personally have children or not, your feminine essence is nurturing, compassionate and wants to figure out how to get all the kids to play together nicely which is why it’s your super hero power this year.

In 2018, the masculine ideals of every man for himself, greed, war and oppression will no longer have a place. Working together, creating innovative solutions and honoring people and the earth is now the wave of the future and where you will find happiness today. We are absolutely constructing a new time period that beats to the ascended resonance of unconditional love.

How you can make the most of this year

In parting, I would like to make special note of the one simple thing you can do this year to make it not just your best year ever but the world’s best year. USE YOUR FEMININE VOICE! Every single one of us, men and women alike, are conditioned to using our masculine voice of personal agenda to get our needs met. THAT WON’T WORK ANYMORE. This year you will be forced to use the voice of cooperation, compassion and collective good if you want to experience greater change and get ahead. It’s a retraining we all must go through but it’s one that will change the landscape of our world. SO . . .

  1. Don’t be afraid to speak up state your opinion especially if you are female.

  2. Tough love is acceptable – Try to use soft words, like a mother to a child, but if lower thinking continues to rule be strong and use tough love as a means of compassionately setting a new standards that is in everyone’s best interest.

  3. Demand the life you desire. It’s time to lower the cost of living so it doesn’t take two incomes to support a family. Therefore, support free renewable energy, working at home, turning your yard into a vegetable garden, driving electric vehicles, shopping at Arc and Good Will, or any creative idea that shifts how much money you need to live.

  4. Turn off the television so you are not “dumbed down” and programmed into fear.

  5. Connect with more like-minded people and start working together!

Ultimately, 2018 sparks a new era! We have ascended into higher perspective. The past is over and the future is ours to design. Think about what you want for yourself and all the people in your life and then take action toward those desires.



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