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2020 – THE YEAR OF CLARITY – Pt. 1 – Use Your Higher Sight

2020 marks the moment when humanity will anchor into its consciousness the ability to SEE clearly . . . and that includes YOU!

This will truly be a year of clarity – but I’m not talking about everyone suddenly having 20/20 vision and no longer needing glasses or contacts. That would be heaven. . . and this is Earth. The type of “seeing” I’m referring to is not outward but inward. Furthermore, how you consciously respond to what your inner sight presents you, will determine how your year will unfold. So it’s time to ask yourself . . .

Am I aware of what my inner senses are depicting and how they are helping me grow?

Big question but . . . You have a set of core instincts that are designed to aid you in forming a life that serves your highest and greatest good. 2020 will be the year those senses will not be denied and really, they will be heightened in their influence. Inventive ideas will seemingly come from out of the blue (aka the quantum energetic reality) and you, and all of humanity, will see a renaissance of creativity that will resolve your most pressing life issues. This will apply to the world’s dilemmas of climate, peace and prosperity as well. Are you paying attention?

Use Your Higher Sight

If you are ready to quantum leap your career, relationships and overall reality, 2020 has everything you need to make it happen. Here are a few ways you can easily increase your inner sight at this time so you can grow and not wither:

  1. Use your clairvoyance: Clairvoyance means “clear seeing” so what better intuitive tool to hone at this time. Although, you can also hear, feel and know inwardly, this is a particularly good time for honing your sight. Of course, I always encourage you to develop all four of your cornerstone instincts as laid out in my book, Intuitively You. However for now, notice the images and scenes in your mind’s eye. Pay attention to your inner pictures as they serve as clues for how to resolve your life’s issues.

  2. Do something with what your clairvoyance brings: If you are contemplating dating and your inner vision depicts you on a blind date, take action to support your vision by telling all your friends to set you up. When you honor the visions you have by taking active steps toward them, your clairvoyance increases and becomes easier to use.

  3. Spend time daydreaming and visualizing your most ideal circumstances: Visualization is another form of seeing that works to direct the energetic universe toward a specific outcome. Winter is an excellent time to go inward and give details to your desires. In fact, it’s a great time to create a vision board for your life.

Take Advantage of The Energies This New Year Will Bring!

As you emerge into 2020, use these baby steps to gear up for using your insight to maximize the potentials that exist at this time. You don’t have be the next Davinci or Jobs to make a difference. You only need to invent the life that makes you thrive and you are contributing to the greater good of all. In my next post, I’ll discuss the numerology of 2020 and teach you how to use your inner sight to promote truth and transparency for yourself and others. For now, work the steps above to lay a solid foundation for what is to come.

Wishing you the best,


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