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Updated: May 6, 2021

I wish I could say that Summer Solstice 2020 looked like a magical time in which we would all effortless achieve the financial independence we deserve. Unfortunately, it’s not likely given that Covid-19 is still hanging around. Therefore, the best step you can take toward manifesting your desires this post-Covid-19 solstice is to take your cue from Earth.

Summer solstice marks the time when Earth comes to a halt. She has reached her maximum northern-tilt (in the US) toward the Sun and will now begin her wobble southward. However, before the Earth can shift directions, she must come to a complete stop… a critical element that must be achieved if she is to center herself and gain the control needed to embrace the other half of her spectrum… something we ALL should be doing this post-Covid 19 summer solstice.

Typically, we spend our summers traveling while we take our standard two weeks off from our constant work and responsibility. We like to think that refreshes us although it never feels like enough time to really decompress before going back to the hamster wheel of life. The problem with this harried reality is that it never allots times for stillness, which is where all new possibility, potential and opportunity exists. But thanks to the coronavirus, we’ve all been restricted from constantly doing and are suddenly forced to be still… a critical element if we are to reassess the direction of our lives and what we desire to create for ourselves and others as we learn to embrace our full spectrum… from singularity to oneness.

A new era has arisen. This post-Covid-19 world requires us to re-imagine our ways of being. In other words, it’s time to get real. Stop everything this solstice and ask yourself these few questions:

  1. Do I believe in the life I’m living?

  2. What would need to change in order to believe in the life I’m living?

  3. What’s the best way for me to express my truth and harness the power needed to bring my desires to fruition?

Take the entire season to slow down and give ample thought, meditation and stillness to just who you will be and the world you want to contribute to when we are free to emerge from the pandemic. Once you’ve posed the questions, the answer will likely be easy to find. Then the real work begins… implementing your new ideals.

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