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Anxiety is a real issue these days.

Thankfully, I’m no stranger to binge watching and in my wholehearted pursuits to do my part, I was synchronistically reminded of the cure for anxiety – talking to yourself – but not just in your head.

Netflix’s Frankie and Grace has been a welcome addition to our home of late. Not only do I think Lily Tomlin is a comedic genius, but the entire cast invokes a much-needed relief in the form of laughter. However, the show tends to make a point too – one of which could be especially helpful at this time.

In one of the episodes, Grace (Jane Fonda) turns to Frankie (Tomlin) and asks for advice about making a decision that’s causing her anxiety. However, rather than telling Grace what to do, Frankie suggests she talk to herself about it. She instructs Grace to video herself talking about the issue, of which Grace is reluctant. Why? Because that’s odd to record speaking to yourself, right. Except . . . it’s one of the best ways to get a clear understanding of what is truly getting in your way from deciding or having what you want – which Grace later discovers after trying this form of self-talk.

Talking to friends or family might help to alleviate anxiety but generally not for long. It’s more when you hear yourself speak, freely without holding back because you worry what others would think, that you suddenly understand what your heart wants versus your mind. More importantly, you will also know exactly what needs to be done to create the reality you most desire.


If you are feeling anxious about the virus, a relationship or even a career change, video yourself expressing your concerns. As you do this you will likely begin to hear and understand your higher self helping you to lessen your fears. You will even naturally start speaking from that voice on the video, giving yourself your answers. But even if you don’t find an answer, when you go back to your everyday reality, notice what your inner thoughts or impressions are conveying to you, as that is your higher self as well, providing you with your solutions.

Bottom line, when you hear what you have think, you discover your personal truth. However, this is not a practice you do once – in fact you have to continually apply this ideal whenever anxiety gets you.

Don’t think you can cure of the mind of worry – that’s part of what it does. Just find the higher voice and allows you to shift your mindset.


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