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BE PRESENT – The Easy Way

Did you know the only moment in which you can create your life is the present?

But what exactly is the present?

Most people think being present means being in the moment not focused on worries, or projects, not thinking about the past, or the future and simply being calm and still with all that is happening regardless of the chaos ensuing.

Yet being present in this way is more equivalent to denial than rising above and creating new circumstances.

To be properly present means being self aware of what you desire to create in your life at any moment.

When you are present and aware of what is driving your actions and reactions at any given time, you can consciously choose the best response that will achieve your goals.

For instance, imagine you are at a family dinner and your desire is to have a peaceful gathering in which you can feel good about yourself and the others. However, if during dinner your aunt decides to make light of what she perceives to be your short comings, in that moment, you have a few reactions to choose from that will determine if you are able to achieve your outcome or not.

  1. You can pretend you’re not upset and wait till you can get home to Ben and Jerry to cry and feel bad about yourself.

  2. You can fling mashed potatoes at your aunt prior to storming out of the room and causing a scene.

  3. Or you can say, “Thank you Aunt Milly for helping us all understand that no one is perfect but what you are saying is upsetting me and I’d like to put this on hold until we can talk about it in private.”

Which of these scenarios best emulates your desires for peace and empowerment? If you are able to be present in that moment, you would likely choose something akin to option 3 – not letting yourself be belittled but also not taking Aunt Milly so seriously that you need to cause a scene. In the end, everyone is better off.

The key to being present and creating your ideal circumstances is to first know what you desire to experience and why and then finding the reaction in the present that creates the kind of life that reflects your greatest desires.

You can practice this intuitive technique of being self aware and therefore properly present by following these simple steps:

  1. Pause and contemplate your best reaction before reacting so your present moment reflects your deepest desires.

  2. Be real and talk about your fears and worries when you have them in your present moments but don’t belabor the issues or allow your emotions to overwhelm you.

  3. If you cannot get out of worry and stress in a present moment, incorporate more fun into your life so your mind gets a break and can see things differently.

Have a wonderful week. And as always . . . share this with your friends and let me know if you need anything!


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