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DO SPIRITS SEEK YOU OUT? This is why and what you can do about it

Updated: May 7, 2021

I didn’t grow up seeing spirits the way my sister did, it was much more gentle for me, but for her it wasn’t always fun.

Maybe this has happened to you.

Spirits would come to my sister at night, keeping her up with their chatter and looming over her bed wanting her attention… a pattern that would persist even into adulthood. In fact, I recall a story in which my sister, age 30, was visiting our parents. She was sleeping in the guest room next to the master bedroom. In the middle of the night, my sister was awakened by a sense that she was not alone only to find a ghostly man and young boy standing at the foot of her bed.

My sister said she felt the boy was kind but that the man was mean, at which point she got out of bed and skirted out of the room, purposely moving around the apparitions so as not to bump into them. She then darted into our parents’ room and literally crawled into bed between them, like a toddler who had a “bad dream.”

Have you ever had an experience like that?


Spirits, or really disembodied consciousness’, come in many forms and for many purposes. Spirits show up as guides, deceased and living individuals, angles, fairies, and yes, even evil entities just to name a few. Some of the energies want you to pass on a message to someone, some want to offer you a personal message, and others may want to throw you off your course. Discerning the difference between these beings is the key to assuming your power over them and either learning to work with them or eliminating their influence.

If you experience spirit in any of these forms, you also have to consider this… the biggest reason spirits are reaching out is likely because you are meant to work as an intuitive or medium. That’s why they target you. You are more attuned and are ready to increase your awareness as well as your ability to help others. In other words, if spirit is peeking around all of your corners, it’s a sign that this is a work or point of development for you.


There is one very important idea that you want to remember when dealing with non-physical beings… You are the most powerful being of all. The ultimate goal of any spirit is to create a body and live in it so the fact that you have done that means you are the master of your domain. As the master, disembodied spirits must adhere to your commands so don’t be afraid to give it to them. A spirit that honors your power is benevolent and is a relationship worth cultivating. While a spirit that wants to challenge your authority doesn’t have your best interest at heart and should be banished by simply telling it to go away.

In my years of teaching mediums how to operate in an energetic arena, I’ve come to realize mediumship is not always a fluffy and fun skill. It can be scary and can cause you to shut off our intuition but it’s overwhelming.

Try to recognize you have a skill that needs developing. Find a class to help you with that so you can gain greater control over what energies you allow to influence you as well as enhancing your ability to provide others with extraordinary healing.

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