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Don’t Ignore Your Emotions – They are The Most Powerful Part of Yourself

Updated: May 6, 2021

I find it interesting that emotions have been ignored, downplayed and even belittled for eons now when in fact, emotions are the strongest element and power a human possesses. Then again, maybe that’s why they’ve been sidelined. Thankfully, science is changing that! 

Quantum science now understands that we are not a result of a chemical reaction as Newtonian physics implied but rather we are an energetic charge and that our thoughts and emotions move the energetic environment to create form – which changes everything.  

As a chemical reaction, you are subject to what happens around you and therefore you are a victim of circumstance. However, as an energetic charge, individuals are responsible for igniting the life they experience… in turn making every person the creator of their own reality… or at least the creator of your emotional reality which in turns becomes your physical existence. 


We tend to think of emotions as a byproduct of how we are feeling but emotions serve a much bigger role. In truth, your emotions are magnetic and are actually responsible for creating, or drawing to you, your reality. To put it simply … if you are sad, you will draw sadness or sympathy toward you. If you are happy, you will draw joyful or helpful scenarios your way.

And so the trick with emotions is to be conscious of what you are charging…if you are charging fear, dread and impossibility, you will never create your desires. However, if you charge optimism, confidence and fortitude, you’ll have much greater success manifesting your hopes and dreams. 

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