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FALL 2017 – Sorting through your wreckage

<img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-7866 lazyload" src="" alt="" width="300" height="225" srcset=" 300w, 725w, 768w, 1536w, 800w, 533w, 600w, 1024w, 2048w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />It seems big change is here and it starts with YOU. Fall 2017 came in with a force causing us all to face our greatest fears. Honestly, I haven’t felt energy this serious and heavy since winter 2008 when the storms were more like energetic monsters than simple rain and snow. Coincidentally, the mortgage industry was crashing, people were being displaced from their homes and the economy was taking a downturn in 2008. I couldn’t help but wonder if fall 2017 would be the same.

I decided to seek my answers intuitively, like I always do as a part of my everyday living. Thankfully, what I saw and felt provided me with the optimism, knowledge and comfort I would need in order to move through this time with ease and confidence. My hope is that in sharing this you can find ease and confidence at this time as well as you are facing some of your deepest personal issues.

While 2008 caused a great deal of disruption, it also caused many people to re-situate themselves which was likely very necessary. It’s so easy for us to get stuck and comfortable in our ruts and it’s usually big events that get us moving again. This fall has that same feeling and if you are feeling excessive stress it’s simply that you cannot see the forest through the trees. . .  or rather. . .  the shore through the debris. I saw it like this:

We have been forced to face our fears as some of the boats we’ve put ourselves in (relationship, career, finance) have been destroyed. Now we are adrift at sea, alone in dark waters making our way to shore. In that sense, the unknown is at play and when the unknown is present, stress and fear is our first instinct which is why the times are volatile. When people are overly stressed and in fear, they can be ultra defensive, manipulative and uncaring. . .  you may have seen them on the roads tailgating or cutting you off. But here is where the beauty resides. You are closer to the shore than you might think, you simply cannot see it through all the debris from your wreckage.

Although the times have been tough, you’ve come a long way and are about to embark on a new journey in a new space and time. You are almost to shore and that’s a great thing. However, the debris is thick and you will need to sort out the pieces as this will determine the type of solid ground you embark upon. The key to assessing your personal wreckage thereby creating your new foundations is to ask yourself the following questions over the next three months and adapting yourself accordingly:

  1. What have I agreed to in my circumstances and how does this knowledge allow me to grow?

  2. What beliefs about myself, or my relationships or career, do I want to carry forward and which do I want to leave behind?

  3. What new behaviors and patterns can I adopt that will open me to more of life’s possibilities and opportunities?


As you sort through your wreckage asking these pertinent questions, the only thing you should fear is an unwillingness to take a higher accounting of yourself and the situations you find yourself in at this time. Remember, it’s always easier to revert back to unconsciousness and victimization where s everyone else is responsibility for your happiness. Except I’m sure by now you have come to the realization that only you can make yourself happy.

Be honest with yourself this fall and discover the parts of you that create discord in your life so you can adapt your patterns and behaviors to support your peace and harmony. Taking ownership of your experiences is the only real key to understanding and fulfillment. Know that as you sort through the debris and come to new understandings, you will be poised for new opportunity and adventure.

Good luck as always and let me know how I can help. Wishing you an awe-inspiring Autumn!


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Michelle DesPres

Clairvoyant medium and life strategist helping you learn to be the TRUE YOU!

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