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Updated: May 7, 2021

I never understood why people enjoyed gardening. To me it seemed like adding more work to what was already a world of continuous labor. If I wasn’t raising children or cleaning something, I was building my business. Gardening seemed frivolous in that sense and I couldn’t justify adding yet another set of choirs to my already established sea of daily duties, especially for something that what wasn’t going to directly ensure my future. Then I learned differently.

Gardening could ensure my prosperous future simply by enhancing my ability to manifest the type of career and relationships I wanted in my life… who knew!

I’ve met, trained and had sessions with a variety of intuitives over the last two decades many of whom have said to me (unbeknownst to one another) that if I wanted to have greater power in manifesting my desires, I should stop working so much and get my hands in the soil and garden.  I have to say, it was a message I ignored. First, I don’t like getting dirty. Second, I don’t like bugs, spiders, snakes or any crawling menace really. Consequently, I never took serious action toward this insight… and then a met a man.

Let me just say, I never listed vegetable gardener as one of the qualities I wanted in a mate, yet that’s what I got. Of course, in my desire to be his everything (as if) I decided to see what this whole gardening thing was about, full well knowing that I would likely end up saying, “no, this isn’t for me.” Still, I wanted to seem interested. And so it was with my sweetheart’s loving guidance and encouragement, I finally started getting my hands (albeit gloved) in the soil – never once expected to discover a new point of spiritual connection that would ultimately heighten my ability to manifest in my own life.

I certainly would never have thought there was an intuitive value in gardening. Yet I’ve now come to realize that one of the greatest draws for me is that it ties me to the earth in ways that transcends my mental body and accesses my subconscious. In that transcendent state, I am reminded of my cord to earth and that combining my energy with hers enables me to create (with my own two hands) a unique and viable organism in the material world – which is really the ultimate metaphor depicting how one creates anything in the physical realm.

Alas – I finally understood what my psychic friends were eluding to the entire time. Better yet, I also started experiencing the esoteric benefits that gardening provides.

I noticed a curious shift in my career when I first began gardening. Connecting to the material world and accessing my subconscious heightening my ability to intuitively set solid intentions that consequently increasing my business. I couldn’t believe it – I had the answer for years but just wouldn’t listen.

Let’s face it the rigors of daily life keep us stuck in our mental bodies. However, if you read my last post “Your Mind is Not Your Master” you know that the mind is limited. It cannot create something new – that comes from your spirit. Gardening, and likely any outdoor activity where you are truly one with the earth, not only activates your spirit’s potential but also puts you in touch with the physical realm, both of which are critical to setting solid intentions and manifesting in the tangible world.

Life is a metaphor. When you till, plant and harvest a garden, you are metaphorically preparing, intending and manifesting your reality. If you have problems creating your greatest desires, maybe you need to get your hands in the soil too – and take it from me, sooner is better than later.

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