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Updated: May 7, 2021

I rely on many intuitive tools to receive and understand energetic information. However, if I’m lacking in self-awareness none of my highly developed skills will work properly.

For many years, I blamed my parents and their lack of nurturing for my inability to maintain a quality relationship. However, when I began to develop and use my intuition, I learned the stark truth. As a spirit, I had created my reality (good, bad and indifferent – from childhood to adulthood). I also learned that I would have to assume responsibility for my life issues if I wanted them to change… and it worked!

Taking on this level of personal accountability taught me that my less than ideal circumstances were necessary as they were prompting my personal growth. With this understanding, I stopped blaming others for my circumstances and began working on shifting the aspect of myself that were in need of evolving… which incidentally was the key to relationship bliss.

Equally interesting was that this level of accountability also heightened my certainty and clarity which came through in my private sessions with others. Being self-aware allowed me to see my clients’ issues more clearly as well as their unique solutions, allowing me to be of greater assistance to them.

If you want to resolve your personal issues or help others find their unique solutions, it’s best to be self-aware.


Assuming responsibility for your reality from birth to present can be a hard stance to take given that some life experiences like sexual abuse happen to innocent people. It’s hard to imagine why a soul would design such an event. But when you use your intuition to examine the purpose of such things, you might find it’s because speaking up about it will stop the family cycle once and for all. In that sense, the soul enduring the trauma would in actuality be the bigger spirit in the group taking on the hardest task in order to break a chain of abuse throughout the lineage. This knowledge provides an understanding and empowerment that allows you to move past the worst of circumstances.

When you can see your life experiences from your soul’s perspective, you have become self-aware.


Self-awareness is important because there are many times when we need to make a quick decision or when someone needs your insight and if you haven’t taken personal responsibility for your own life circumstances, your understandings won’t be coming from a fully empowered perspective but rather a distorted and confused standpoint that can easily miss-lead others and even do harm.

Before you offer intuitive information to another person or before trying to find the solutions to your personal issues, it’s important that you take accountability for all that gets created in your life so you are not fooling yourself or others.


The best way to become instantly self-aware is to stop being a victim.

If you want your intuition to be helpful, you have to take responsibility for your life circumstances. While you don’t have to figure them all out in one fell swoop, you should be working on some aspect of yourself at all times, regardless of how big or small, as this the first key to increasing your psychic abilities.

  1. Don’t be the victim – The best way to become instantly self-aware is to stop being a victim. Be brave and accept that your reality is your soul’s creation. Contemplate on an issue you’re having in your life (like… not finding a suitable partner, wishing you had a different career, being told you’re controlling or imposing) and ask yourself, “What knowledge does my soul want me to understand so I can personally evolve.”

With this level of openness and accountability, your answers generally come quickly such as… “I’m learning the value of being alone,” or “I’m learning to speak up and use my voice for the benefit of all.” Regardless of the answer you find, your intuition will suddenly be heightened and you can count on it with greater certainty.

Remember, you don’t have to be a perfect person to help yourself or others, you just have to be self-aware.

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