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MOTHERS MAKE THE WORLD GO CRAZY – And that’s a good thing!

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I am the mother of three grown sons. Over the years when they have been upset by something I’ve said or done, I tell them . . . “I’m supposed to give you a reason to go to therapy” and then we laugh. Except it’s true. I’m not sure why we expect ourselves to be perfect as mothers and feel terribly when we think we’ve gotten it wrong. Rather, I would challenge you to recognize that your children also need your imperfection and that getting it wrong will help them get it right in life.

As mother’s we want our children to grow and evolve into the brilliant people we know they can be.  But remember, growth often comes through struggle. This Mother’s Day give yourself the gift of understanding that you are not supposed to be perfect. Forgive yourself for things you wish you had done differently and know that you are meant to challenge your kids in certain ways so they find their areas of growth.

If you shield your children from difficulty and think they should only see the best of you, you are setting them up for shock and awe when they go into the world and it isn’t perfect. It’s better to be real, showing your fortes and your flaws, so your children have realistic understandings of themselves and can find acceptance for others who are not perfect either. . .  because let’s face it, nobody is.

Happiness to all the Moms!


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