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Shhh… This is the Simplest Secret to Success

Updated: May 7, 2021

If you think being passionate, goal oriented, and having the willingness to implement your ideas are the keys to success, you’ve missed a critical step.

Shhh… the secret is actually to be quiet.

Everyone knows that Steve Jobs used intuition to discover and develop his technology. Jobs’ often went on retreats where he would meditate in silence for hours, if not days, during which he would receive or work-out new ideas and technologies. In this way, Jobs’ was engaging in the most critical step toward success.

How the mind receives inspiration

When your mind is clear and you have trained yourself not to think, inspiration (which floats through the ether as ideas that anyone can capitalize on) have an unobstructed pathway into your conscious mind. It’s should also be noted that you mind cannot conceive anything new it can only build structure around what it knows. In that way, it’s not your mind’s duty to find solutions or ideas… that’s your spirit’s responsibility – to bring your mind something new to wrap its head around – harhar.

When you can quell your mind from feeling it needs to be in charge, and give way to your energetic higher-self, ideas in alignment with your purpose will come to you.

Can you be quiet?

Here is the simplest way for you to achieve the state of mind that Jobs and other innovators have used as the keys to success:

  1. Sit down, close your eyes and envision a grounding cord (something like a tree truck, crystal, or even column of light) that goes from your hips down to the center of the earth. This cord anchors you in present time to the earth plane.

  2. Now envision a bubble around yourself. This bubble is your energy field or all the energy you need to create your reality.

  3. Now imagine releasing all the energy in your bubble down your grounding cord. Simply allow all the energy in your bubble to empty out. This could take some time but that’s the point. Clear out people, ideas, projects – everything – until you are completely empty and your thoughts are of nothing.

  4. Sit in this state of nothing for as long as you can.

  5. When you are ready, you can either ask for images, sounds or feelings to come to you about a certain idea or project and pay attention to what your inner reality wants to show you. But also, you may not get anything information in that space, which is perfectly natural and fine. It’s all about clearing your mind. You might be in line at the bank when an inspiration suddenly comes to you because you have cleared your mind earlier. This is how Einstein discovered relativity; staring up at a street light one night after having gone for a walk.

If you want success in any area of your life, practice being quiet and resting in a state of nothing so your conscious-mind can receive inspiring ideas.

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