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SPRING EQUINOX 2018 – The era of reinvention & the 7 perspectives to change your world

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There is a definite theme taking place around the world and in your personal life this new season. It is the theme of reinvention in which the past no longer exists and you have to reform your sense of self, your motivations, and your ideals. As a result, you an expect to feel the intensified energies of change and transformation personally, collectively and climatologically. What this means is that you may experience anxiety about your own health or future circumstances while also feeling both the collective uncertainty of others around you, and the changes earth herself is going through. It’s a lot to absorb and process not to mention do something about. However, there is a key to moving through this time with grace and ease that you can start applying now.

Reinvention requires new perspective – and new perspective is going to be your best friend from here on out. Below is a list of perspectives you will want to change this season and into the coming years in order to better navigate a positive and healthy future.


  1. I’m a victim to my past – We all have past experiences that have hurt us and caused lasting damage. However, no matter what you’ve experienced it’s meant to teach you something. I know it can be difficult to find the lesson in your experiences particularly when they are severely damaging but everything serves a purpose and finding that perspective is the key to healing and moving beyond past wounds. For instance, I grew up with an abusive mother. Most of my life I couldn’t get past the pain she caused me and the anger I felt toward her. However, once I understand that my mother’s treatment of me was what I needed in order to learn independence and how to break family ties that do not bond so I could create a better life for myself and my children, I was no longer plagued by my bad feelings and the rift those feelings were creating in all my relationships. Gain perspective over your life experiences in order to turn negativity into empowerment and watch your life transformer for the better.

  1. Anxiety equals bad – It will help you this season to recognize that anxiety can actually be anticipation. The future is new and therefore unknown, and of course, your first instinct is to fear what you don’t know. Consider changing this perspective. Rather than interpreting your fear as anxiety, see your fear as an anticipation what is coming with the understanding that the universe can bring you far better than you can imagine. Start seeing your anxieties as anticipation of better things to come.

  1. You have no authority – One of the biggest things that must change at this time is your sense of authority. Most of us have been programmed to think that those who have higher educations, more money, or celebrity status somehow have more power than us. However, you are intuitive, which means you have access to all the knowledge of the universe which makes you the only authority when it comes to your health and what equates happiness in your life. Consider changing this perspective and start giving yourself as much power as you give others by using your intuition and being your own authority. You have the right to your truths as much as a right to your mistakes – that’s what makes someone an authority – they have permission to experience what their intuition knows they need in order to grow. (Come to my intuitive classes if you are unsure how to use your core instincts to navigate your life.)

  1. News is all-encompassing – If you watch the nightly news, do not be misled into thinking that is the truth of the world. Yes, devastation is taking place around the globe. However, so is perseverance, rebuilding, and innovative ideas that can fix and heal our people and our planet. The best way to change your nightly news perspective is to absolutely change the channel. Seek out independent news that show how people are working together like this… Stories of hope and progress from our work supporting local people to stop war and build peace  Or A supermarket in Amsterdam has an aisle with more than 700 grocery items – and no plastic.   Or  19-Year-Old Develops Ocean Cleanup Array That Could Remove 7,250,000 Tons Of Plastic From the World’s Oceans. Great things are happening every day, seek those perspectives – better yet – get involved!

  1. Politics matters – The only person in the politic scheme that matters is you! The idea that politics dictates daily life that you have no control over is off mark. We are a nation for the people, by the people or have we forgotten. What we stand up for and demand as our rights is what we will get! If you want sustainability and equality, don’t assume that’s your President’s job – it’s yours. He/She must do what you command. Assume your authority as an American, vote first and foremost, and then be sure and tell your elected leaders what you want so they can perform their jobs better. I’ve heard it said that politics at the state and local levels are where real change is made. Perhaps it’s time to change perspectives that the President is all powerful and assert your own power where it counts – in your backyard with the people in your neighborhood. Be the difference!

  1. The youth are privileged – I think this could be the biggest fallacy of the day. The world we are handing our youth is broken. Our children and their children are the heirs of nothing creating one of the biggest challenges a generation has ever seen. Thankfully, our millennial offspring are still young and less jaded about the world, which is why I think they appear cavalier, uncaring and spoiled. But rest assured, when this generation reaches it’s 30’s (the time we all start to grow up), their history with technology, social media and sharing all their resources like cell phones, computers, and Netflix, will aid them in recognizing that every person around the globe is connected and that its best if we become sustainable and share the world’s resources. This generation is going to do great things. Change your perspective about them and don’t count them out – if America is every going to be great again, it’s this generation that will create it and you can be their pioneer by forging a higher vision now.

  1. Be true to yourself – Lastly, the perspective you most need to change is the one that doesn’t allow you to be yourself. For instance, my beloved can’t help but speak to every stranger he meets which I have to say at times annoys me. However, he is a social animal who loves to connect and make people think outside their boundaries feeding his soul in ways nothing else can. If he were to deny this expression of himself because I didn’t always like it, he would become unsure of himself and depressed. The point is, you must be willing to be yourself regardless of what others think. In truth, my love’s ability to be himself gives me permission to be myself, which is exceptionally freeing. I’ve reinvented my perspective from trying to change him to be what I think he should be in a crowd and instead give him permission to be outspoken while also giving myself permission to wander another direction while he does. Being yourself always leads to a win-win situation.

As you enter Spring of 2018, know that the world is rapidly changing and should you hold new perspectives, your reality will mirror these shifts in positive and abundant ways that not only benefit you, but benefit the world.

Have fun this Spring reinventing yourself,


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