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THE TIME OF 11:11 – Can you open to your greatest potential?

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I’ve been intuitively noticing that we are in a more chaotic period, Thankfully, I have also received new information about what we can do to make this cycle a positive one.

Suddenly, over the past several days, I started seeing the number 11:11 everywhere. It’s one of those things, every time I look at the clock, see a score in a game, pass a license plate . . . you’ve been there . . . it’s always 11:11.

In this blog, I’ll help you understand just what the number 11:11 signifies at this time and how you can work with this magical number to bring about your greatest desires.


Numbers often appear to me in orders that cannot be ignored. But I’m not the only one this happens to. Many of us report seeing number sequences like 22, 111, 444, 321, 1234 and we often wonder what it means.

Over the many years of being in the habit of noticing these types of number sequences (NS), I’ve come to understanding that they generally serve two functions:

  1. NS serve as validations or signposts assuring you that you are on your path.

  2. NS offer you deeper ideals to contemplate and consider regarding some element of your life that needs reorienting so you can continue on your path.

To me, numbers are akin to the building blocks of the universe, each representing a unique facet of energy and manifestation that when combined create structure and form; such as how beams and rivets combine to create high rises and monumental architectural designs.

In that sense, numbers tell you what element of your life’s design needs attention next, whether that’s to validate it or prompt it. When the numbers are doubled, tripled or more, they carry increased significance and even mastery over that element.

For example, if you are seeing the number 1 consistently, it might be a sign that you need to consider yourself before others more often. It could also mean that you should give thought to new ideas and endeavors. If you see 111, that might then be a sign that your next step toward personal growth is to master your sense of self by openly living your fullest truth. Or it could also be telling you to take action toward starting a new endeavor or phase.

Below is a quick reference to my interpretation of the numbers and the focus they represent that clues us into the elements of our lives in need of consideration. However, please note that I hesitate when offering symbolic understandings because symbolism is truly unique to each individual. I don’t want to program you into thinking that because I say the number 1 means self, that’s all it can ever mean. The truth is you might interpret the number differently and that would be correct as well. So use my guidelines but don’t be afraid to attach your own meanings if mine don’t work for you.

0 – Universal Knowledge and Potential

1 – Self and New Beginnings

2 – Connection and Partnerships

3 – Force and Communication

4 – Foundation and Structure

5 – Knowledge and Change

6 – Form and Function

7 – Balance and Harmony

8 – Value and Exchange

9 – Culminations and Endings


Now let’s talk about how the number sequence 11:11 is playing a larger role in all our lives at this time.

I don’t generally report to you when I see a NS. However, what I’ve come to understanding is that this 11:11 NS is for all of us. Collectively, we are all subject to the amplified energies of the number 1 at this time.

In my last two podcasts (“Conjuring Portals” and “The Darkness Persists”), I spoke about how I’m noticing darker, negative entities and energies wreaking havoc in our lives more than normal and how to hold your space and protect yourself during this time. . Yet, the only reason the darkness has increased is because we are actually in a heightened time of light, love and potential as signified by the 11:11.

It would seem that collectively all of us are subject to the 11:11 gateway opening at this time. I call it a gateway because intuitively I see vast amounts of infinite possibilities suddenly streaming onto the planet that are designed to enlivening our desires and give us the motivations to make are dreams a reality. This is why the darkness has stepped up its efforts. It wants to distract us from what is available to us today in the form of new and thriving opportunities. The trick is to be open to receiving these possibilities without letting the darkness distract you.


Ideas are not exclusive to one person. Opportunity exists in the energy around all of us. All you have to do to receive these inspirations is openly attune to the potentials that want to be enacting at this time. Steve Jobs often spoke about how in his meditations, or moments of stillness and receptivity, the idea of the iPhone was brought to him as if out of nowhere. In fact, anyone attuning to new ideas at the time Jobs conceived his revolutionary communications device could have picked up on the same concept. Jobs just didn’t second-guess himself and took action toward realizing his vision and is therefore credited with the invention.

The point is . . . if you are willing to be still and receptive at this time of 11:11, all the potentials and opportunities you’ve been waiting for are ready for you to attune to them and make them real in the months and years to come. Here is what you can do:

  1. Be in a state of gratitude and take time every day, if possible, over the next few weeks to simply be still and absorb the potentials of the universe. I like to allow the potential to flow over me as I breathe it the essence, allowing it to infuse with every fiber of my being.

  2. As you absorb your opportunities, be using your intuition (or inward senses of sight, sound, feeling and knowing) to pay attention to what energy is coming your way. Note that you may only see colors or feel a warmth of light coming to you without knowing what it represents, which is great. You might not get your answers all at once. Just be sure to remain intuitively aware as you go about your days as you might have an inner vision, word, feeling or idea move past your mind that is bringing you your inspiration. Stay alert!

  3. Also, make sure your heart believes you deserve opportunity. If you don’t think you are worthy, you won’t be able to attune well.

  4. Lastly, let the sense of empowerment that comes with absorbing potentials motivate you toward action. Be willing to follow through, without hesitation, with any ideas you sense whenever they come to you. You can never go wrong in trying.

Remember that everything is energy, including you. Work with the energy cycle transpiring at this time of 11:11 to give yourself the direction and momentum you’ve been seeking.

Have fun and be sure to let me know how this works for you and what you are sensing at this heightened time of pure potential.


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