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Updated: May 6, 2021

This Fall Equinox has me feeling like Chicken Little running around town warning everyone that the sky is falling. Unfortunately, it’s the truth as everything seems to be up in the air and could come down in any direction. While COVID 19, climate change, and politics continue to reach their fevered crescendos, humanity has a great many choices to make if it wishes to survive the times. However, don’t despair. There is a lot you can do intuitively to help direct where the fallout lands so positive change is the end result.


I said earlier this year that climate change will become the new COVID and that’s exactly what we’re facing. Problem is COVID is still here too and showing no signs of leaving anytime soon. This double whammy is more than a wakeup call, it’s a plea for action! This Fall Season be prepared to slip on your walking shoes and protest, or at the very least, Zoom in and speak up to voice your concerns and/or ideas. This is not the time for silence – WE MUST BE LOUD 📢 AND WE CAN’T GO BACK TO BUSINESS AS USUAL!!!

What You Can Do

  1. They way we live our lives is unhealthy. We work ourselves to the bone and wonder why we are depressed, anxious and unhappy. We let day cares and teachers raise our children and don’ t understand why they are lashing out in ways we’ve never seen. We eat mostly processed foods that are toxic to our bodies and have no idea that its making us sick and immunocompromised. We produce excessive amounts of trash and burn through fossil fuel like it’s candy and can’t figure out why the planet is suffocating and breaking down. Worst yet, we are conditioned to believe it’s every man for himself and wonder why we don’t care about each other. This fall take an intuitive assessment of your everyday life and determine what you can do to change your habits and routines so that there is more fulfillment from life and less destroying of the environment. Dig deep within you and determine where you can take bold actions, speak about your revolutionary ideas, and rock the boat by being willing to live from your deepest truths and demand transparency in others.


The subject of politics is distressing to me. The cultural divides we are witnessing at this time are akin to the breaking of a fault line with the enormous chasm revealing all that’s been hidden for eons. There is a lot to sort out as we see just how far we haven’t come and still have to go today. Yet while politician are slow to act, that doesn’t mean you have to wait to take action.

What You Can Do

  1. First, VOTE in November! While we hear of election fraud and foreign interference, do be deterred. Your vote does actually count, if for no other reason than to prove your position should we need to march in mass to the capital and show them in person what we said we wanted. The best thing you can do at this time – especially if you are a woman or a marginalized individual – is to vote.

  2. Also, enlist others to vote if they don’t typically do so. I know that’s not easy but woman especially need to be casting their votes. It’s the one place we women get complete autonomy and the right to choose for ourselves. We need to be heard now more than ever!

  3. Secondly, don’t drink the cool aid. Turn off the television and don’t listen to political rhetoric from ANY side. Instead, go inward and look at the candidates (not just presidential but in every race) from your own sense of authority and power. What you intuitively see in that space will tell you everything you need to know about who to vote into office.


These are trying times that won’t be ending anytime soon. Yet, try not to think of this period as negative even though it’s easy to do so. Remember, everything serves a greater purpose. The unrest, disconnect and division we are all facing today is meant to show us the flaws in ourselves and our systems so we can get on with the business of fixing them. Here are a few final thoughts and ways you can navigate the autumn season.

What You Can Do

  1. Fall is not just a time of harvest it’s also a time for seeding, much like Spring. This equinox take a moment and find gratitude for all you harvested this year. Take stock of your life. Be thankful for all you have like a roof over your head, food on the table, and the ability to hold light for humanity and the planet. After you’ve assessed where you are and have found beauty in whatever your circumstances may be, start seeding new intentions. Let these ideals be of your highest and greatest desires and beliefs. Seed the idea that the cost of living drops as green technologies erupts. Plant a notion that health care and the rights of individuals be given top priority as a part of our societal shifts. Initiate innovate ways of educating and teaching children about how to live in harmony with each other and the Earth. Whatever you want to create, now is the time to root your ideas and take steps toward cultivating them.

  2. And as usual – one of the best thing you can do this equinox is simply hold love and light around the planet. Of course, if you have a solution to reducing carbon, going green, bringing water to drought-stricken places, speak up! Otherwise, do what you can by holding a higher vibration around yourself, humanity and the planet. Never underestimate the power of your thoughts to influence energetic flow.

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