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Why Wholeness Is Necessary Today

Updated: May 6, 2021

If you are living an unfulfilling life and want to experience more of who you are, achieving wholeness is the solution. Just as we once learned that the earth was round, we are now learning that we are more than a body and mind. Today, we can recognize that we have emotions and spirits as well. With this revelation we learn that we must give to each part of ourselves in order to be happy. 

You have four foundational elements of yourself consisting of a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. Each of these foundations needs to be in balance in order for you to experience wholeness. Thankfully, you’ve been given the ability to witness these bodies with the use of your intuition.

By looking inward to see, hear, feel and know, you can determine the state of your many bodies and what they might need to come into balance. For instance, if you are intuitively witnessing the state of your mental body and you the sound of a lullaby playing in your head and see the image of a cradle, you might interpret that to mean that your mind needs rest.

When you are able to acknowledge what each of your bodies requires in order to be in balance, you can finally achieve wholeness. If you seek holistic balance, learn to witness yourself intuitively so you can find the solutions to your life issues. Luckily intuition is a simple science you can discover for yourself. Simply close your eyes and ask your body, mind, spirit and emotions to show you, tell you, or help you feel what they need in order to be whole and then follow your intuition by giving each piece of your foundation what it needs to operate both independently and collectively – this is what it means to be whole!

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