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It’s nearly cold and flu season. Are you prepared? What if you don’t need to be? What if there is a good reason why you should get sick?

In the alternative healing industries, there are many who believe you need never get sick – I disagree. Sickness is natural and actually necessary in order to become stronger and more resilient. When the body’s immune system fights something off, it boosts its capabilities, making it healthier on many levels – not just physically. In fact, ill-health often speaks to the evolution needed emotionally, mentally, and spiritually – but I bet you never thought of it that way.

Most of my life I would contract a cold virus two or three times every year. After each sickness, I vowed to take better care of myself. I began eating cleaner non-processed foods, drinking more water and exercising on a regular basis. Despite my efforts, I would still get sick no matter what I did. I couldn’t avoid it.

Then I started living and working as an intuitive and learned that my colds were not a result of poor physical health but rather poor emotional health. In Shakespeare’s world and in mine too, all the world is a stage. There is a play being enacted called our lives and we must decipher its messages in order to attain our goals. My sickness was a sign hinting at the area of my life that was in need of healing and it wasn’t my body.

So what is the physical body really trying to tell us when we get sick?

As I decoded the symbolism my cold represented, I came to understand that my ears, nose and throat represented my abilities to express and communicate my deepest feelings. Considering that this area was congested, irritated, and inflamed, I surmised that my cold was signalling that I was not authentically expressing my emotions and they were clogging up.  

Testing my theory, I began to be more authentic – or rather I’d began talking about my emotions – something I’d never really done in my life. Instead of finding the most organic apple when I was sick, I would now speak my truth and see if that would cure my cold. Much to my amazement it definitely shortened the time I would be sick. As I began practicing being emotionally authentic in my everyday life, my bouts of ill-health were nearly eliminated. I rarely get sick with a throat issue now. But then again, I’ve learned the lessons associated with my sickness and have emotionally grown beyond the need for it.

If you want to improve your health . . .

  1. Stop judging your ill health and start learning from it. Know that sickness is a sign of greater healing for you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

  2. Look at life as a symbol and then decode it. For instance, throat symbolizes communication. Heart refers to love of self and others, and legs represent movement forward. Whatever your issue, it symbolizes something. Figure that out and you are on your way to a holistically healthier life.


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